List of Newsgrops in ``japan.*''

Last modified: 2001/2/20

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japan.actress [MSG]
Topics on actress. [MSG]
Newsgroup for announcement, regardless on commercial or not. [MSG]
Advertisements of products, exhibit or exhibition. [MSG]
Various advertise that there are no groups to match*. [MSG]
Personal advertise or exhibition and etc. [MSG]
Advertises for products, services or new-releases.
japan.admin.abuse [MSG]
Discussions about spam or abuse of newspost.
japan.admin.abuse.lists [MSG]
Lists of abuse articles on netnews.
japan.admin.announce [MSG]
Information about control messages and etc, for postmasters.
japan.admin.feed [MSG]
Discussions about news feed for category japan.
japan.admin.feed-check [MSG]
Feed check for usenet administrator.
japan.admin.groups [MSG]
Discussions and Proposal about newgroup or rmgroup.
japan.admin.lists [MSG]
News-related statistics and lists.
japan.admin.misc [MSG]
Various discussions that there are no groups to match japan.admin.*.
japan.admin.policy [MSG]
Discussions and Proposal about japan's policy.
japan.aisatsu [MSG]
About greetings (not on duty).
japan.animal [MSG]
Topics about whole animal. [MSG]
Topics on cat. [MSG]
Topics about dogs and life with them.
japan.animal.penguin [MSG]
Let's talk about lovely penguins.
japan.anime [MSG]
Talking about animations.
japan.anime.evangelion [MSG]
Talking about Evangelion.
japan.anime.evangelion.asuka [MSG]
Topics on Asuka.
japan.anime.evangelion.ayanami [MSG]
Talking about Rei-Ayanami.
japan.anime.evangelion.nerv [MSG]
Topics on Nerv and it's staff.
japan.anime.galaxy-express-999 [MSG]
Topics on Galaxy Express 999.
japan.anime.gundam [MSG]
Topics on famous japanese robot animation GUNDAM.
japan.anime.pretty [MSG]
About pretty animation.
Talking about ICQ. [MSG]
Topics on Macromedia apprications. [MSG]
Talking about Paint Shop Pro. [MSG]
Talks about PostPet. [MSG]
Topics on China. [MSG]
Topics on North/South Korea. [MSG]
Discussion about the Imperial family in Japan. [MSG]
Newsgroup for Audio. [MSG]
Topics on motorcycles. [MSG]
Topics about enthu autos or peoples.
Talks about imported car. [MSG]
About The public house LOFT/PLUS ONE.
japan.bbs [MSG]
Talking about bbs.
japan.bbs.asciinet [MSG]
Topics on virtual ASCIInet.
japan.bbs.nifty-serve [MSG]
Discussions about Nifty-Serve.
japan.bbs.pc-van [MSG]
Topics about pc-van. [MSG]
Topics on visual datas for animation end etc. [MSG]
Topics on visual datas for Cosplay and etc. [MSG]
Text encoded erotic visual data (within 128kb/article). [MSG]
Topics on visual datas for lolita and etc (within 128kb/article). [MSG]
High-teen girls (within 128kb/article and within 1024kb/picture).
Topics on visual data for shota and etc. (within 128kb/article). [MSG]
Text encoded fine picture arts WITHOUT EROTIC MATTER. [MSG]
Text encoded miscellaneous pictures WITHOUT EROTIC MATTER. [MSG]
Text encoded under water photographs (within 128kb/article). [MSG]
Pics of bizarre objects in our life.
japan.books [MSG]
Topics on books and magazine.
japan.budo.judo [MSG]
Topics on Judo.
japan.budo.kyudo [MSG]
Topics on Kyudo. [MSG]
Let's talk about Camp.
japan.campus.u-air [MSG]
Communication space for students of the University of the Air.
japan.chacha-jokes [MSG]
Jokes or interrupt posted articles on japan.* by ones.
japan.chacha-jokes.hneta [MSG]
Erotic Jokes or interrupt posted articles on japan.* by ones. [MSG]
Miscellaneous discussions or talking. [MSG]
Exciting conversation for men And women. [MSG]
Chat on military. Sometimes silly. [MSG]
Story of ld good daies, begines with now a daies youth. [MSG]
Let's talk about Club-Asia Maruyama-cho Shibuya Japan.
japan.comics.dilbert [MSG]
Duhscussion about the comic strip "Dilbert". [MSG]
Talking about a literary coterie magazine.
japan.comike.cosplay [MSG]
Topics on Cosplay. (Cosplay = To wear clothes of game or anime cha racter and so on.) [MSG]
Topics on exhibition and spot sale for literary coterie magazine.
japan.comp [MSG]
About computers in general. [MSG]
Topics on BeOS and/or BeBox.
japan.comp.bugs [MSG]
Topics about computer BUGs.
japan.comp.cad [MSG]
Information about CAD. [MSG]
Topics about CD-R, CD-RW.
japan.comp.dtp [MSG]
Topics and Discussion about DTP and digital prepress.
japan.comp.emacs [MSG]
Talking about Emacs/Mule/XEmacs.
japan.comp.emulators.fusion [MSG]
About Mac emulator FUSION for PC.
japan.comp.emulators.misc [MSG]
About emulators in general.
japan.comp.firmware [MSG]
Talk about firmware.
japan.comp.freebsd [MSG]
About unix like os FreeBSD
japan.comp.gnu [MSG]
Topics on GNU.
japan.comp.hpux [MSG]
Talking about the HP-UX.
japan.comp.lang.basic [MSG]
Topics on basic language excluding visual-basic.
japan.comp.lang.c [MSG]
Topics about C language.
japan.comp.lang.delphi [MSG]
Topics on Windows RAD developmental environment Delphi.
japan.comp.lang.javascript [MSG]
Topics on Netscape communications script language JavaScript.
japan.comp.lang.misc [MSG]
Discussion about computer languages of all other kinds.
japan.comp.lang.perl [MSG]
About Perl.
japan.comp.lang.postscript [MSG]
Topics on PostScript.
japan.comp.lang.rexx [MSG]
Topics on REXX language.
japan.comp.lang.s [MSG]
Topics on S language and it's environment.
japan.comp.lang.visual-basic [MSG]
Topics on visual-basic.
japan.comp.lang.visual-c++ [MSG]
Topics and technical informations for Microsoft VisualC++.
japan.comp.lang.vrml [MSG]
Topics on Virtual Reality Modeling Language
japan.comp.lang.xml [MSG]
Discussion and exchanging information on XML.
japan.comp.linux [MSG]
About unix like os Linux.
japan.comp.mac [MSG]
About MacOS and Macintosh.
japan.comp.macosx [MSG]
Talk about MacOS X Server. [MSG]
About mobile computers and computing. [MSG]
About wristwatch PC Ruputer.
japan.comp.mp3 [MSG]
MPEG Audio Layer 3, a standard for digital audio coding. [MSG]
Topics on NeXT Computer corp. [MSG]
Topics on OpenGL.
japan.comp.os2 [MSG]
About OS/2.
japan.comp.pc98 [MSG]
Topics on NEC PC-9800 selies.
japan.comp.rc5-64 [MSG]
Topics on the RC5-64 contest.
japan.comp.rdb [MSG]
Topics on RDB.
japan.comp.sgi [MSG]
Topics on SGI systems.
japan.comp.skk [MSG]
About kana-kanji conversion system skk. [MSG]
Discussions on Sony computers such as VAIO.
japan.comp.sun [MSG]
About SUN. [MSG]
Topics on INTEL CPU system.
japan.comp.sys.motorola [MSG]
Topics and Discussion about motorola's CPU. [MSG]
Topics on TOSHIBA PC.
Topics on UNIX. [MSG]
Topics about Microsoft Windows CE. [MSG]
Topics on Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition. [MSG]
Topics on Microsoft Windows-NT.
japan.comp.windows2000 [MSG]
Topics on Microsoft Windows 2000.
japan.comp.windows95 [MSG]
Topics on Microsoft Windows95.
japan.comp.windows98 [MSG]
Topics on Microsoft Windows98.
japan.comp.wnn [MSG]
Topics related to Wnn.
japan.comp.x11 [MSG]
Topics about X Window System.
japan.config [MSG]
About "japan" newsgroups. [MSG]
Topics on cooking.
Talks about baking.
japan.cosplay [MSG]
Topics on Cosplay. (Cosplay = To wear clothes of game or anime character and so on.)
japan.dajare [MSG]
Newsgroups for a pun.
Discussion on puns.
japan.disaster.discussion [MSG]
Discussion about disaster.
japan.disaster.information [MSG]
Information about disaster.
japan.disney [MSG]
Feel the Magic! Let's talk about Disney.
japan.dreams [MSG]
About dreams.
japan.dreams.lucid [MSG]
Topics about dream or lucid dream,
japan.engeki [MSG]
Talking about play and theaters. [MSG]
Topics on architecture.
japan.enkai [MSG]
Information and Discussion about banguet or party.
japan.enkai.yoin [MSG]
Talking about finished party.
japan.environment [MSG]
Thinking about the environment.
japan.environment.nature-watch [MSG]
Talking about Nature Watching. [MSG]
Topics about woman announcer. [MSG]
Talking about Maywa-Denki. [MSG]
Let's make friendship with netnews people. [MSG]
Topics about Mr. Void.
japan.fiction.kyogoku [MSG]
Works of Natsuhiko KYOGOKU and related topics.
japan.fiction.tanaka-yoshiki [MSG]
Works of Yoshiki TANAKA and related topics. [MSG]
Discussion and various topics about finance. [MSG]
Topics on investment. [MSG]
About virtual stock game. [MSG]
Topics about fishing. [MSG]
Enjoy Fly-Fishing. [MSG]
Topics about lure fishing. [MSG]
About foods, drinks and eating. [MSG]
Talk about Rahmen.
Topics about ryukyuan food. [MSG]
Topics on soft drinks.
japan.foreign-student.cambodia [MSG]
Topics on foreign students from Cambodia.
japan.foreign-student.chinese [MSG]
Topics on Chinese foreign students.
japan.fusigi [MSG]
Topics on a wonder things.
japan.gakkou.chuugaku [MSG]
Topics on junior high school life.
japan.gakkou.highschool [MSG]
Topics on high school life.
japan.gakkou.kyouiku [MSG]
Topics on school education.
Talk about NOVA school. [MSG]
Topics on IGO game. [MSG]
Topics about mahjong. [MSG]
Topics about Pachinko and Pachi-Slot. [MSG]
Topics about halls of Pachinko and Pachi-Slot. [MSG]
Discussion about Shogi. [MSG]
This groups is about Slot-Machine.
japan.gardening [MSG]
Topics about gardening. [MSG]
Talking about "GEGEBO" foods and drinks.
japan.guchi [MSG]
Grumbling or complains.
japan.haiku-waka [MSG]
Enjoy Haiku and Waka.
japan.ham-radio [MSG]
Topics about ham radio.
japan.ham-radio.dxcc [MSG]
Infomation to collect DXCC.
japan.handmade.comp [MSG]
About handmade computers or recreation of computers.
japan.handmade.electronics [MSG]
About handmade electronics. [MSG]
About handmade of photograph and so son.
japan.happy [MSG]
Topics on what you feel happy.
japan.herbs-spices [MSG]
Topics on herbs and spices.
japan.idobata.highschool.kunitachi [MSG]
Private talk about Tokyo metoropilitan Kunitachi high-school.
japan.idobata.hitotsu-bashi [MSG]
Private talk about Hitotsubashi univ.
japan.idobata.jaist [MSG]
Private talk about JAIST. [MSG]
Private talk about Kyoto univ. [MSG]
Private talk about Nagoya univ.
japan.idobata.naist [MSG]
Private talk about NAIST. [MSG]
Private talk about Osaka univ.
japan.idol [MSG]
Topics on Idol
japan.idol.enomoto-kanako [MSG]
About Enomoto-Kanako.
japan.idol.gravure-idols [MSG]
Topics of gravure idol. (DO NOT POST PICTURES)
japan.idol.hinagata [MSG]
About Hinagata-Akiko.
japan.idol.hirosue [MSG]
About Ryoko-Hirosue.
japan.idol.johnnys [MSG]
Talking about Johnnys production.
japan.idol.kato.noriko [MSG]
Talking about Kato-Noriko.
japan.idol.male [MSG]
Topics on male idols.
japan.idol.max [MSG]
Topics on 4 women idol singers MAX.
japan.idol.mizuki [MSG]
Talking about Arisa-Mizuki.
japan.idol.morning-musume [MSG]
Topics on idol group morning-musume.
japan.idol.okina [MSG]
Topics on Okina.
japan.idol.sakai.noriko [MSG]
About Sakai-Noriko.
japan.idol.speed [MSG]
Topics on 4 women idol singers SPEED.
japan.idol.takahashi.yumiko [MSG]
About Takahashi-Yumiko.
japan.idol.tomosaka [MSG]
Topics on Rie-Tomosaka.
japan.idol.uchida.yuki [MSG]
About Uchida-Yuki.
japan.internet.catv [MSG]
Internet access via cable television network.
japan.internet.domain [MSG]
Topics about Internet domain.
japan.internet.future [MSG]
Discussion about futures Netnews, WWW or Internet.
japan.internet.personal [MSG]
Topics on personal Internet connection. [MSG]
Talking about CoolTalk, NetMeeting, iphone and etc.
japan.internet.providers [MSG]
Topics on internet providers.
japan.internet.webtv [MSG]
Topics about WebTV.
japan.irc [MSG]
Topics on IRC.
japan.jiei-tai [MSG]
Topics on Japan Self Diffence Forces.
japan.jiji [MSG]
Talking about timely matters.
japan.kakutou-gi [MSG]
Talking about fighting sports.
japan.karaoke [MSG]
Talking about KARAOKE.
japan.kissa [MSG]
Talking about tea break.
japan.kissa.mountain [MSG]
Talking about charismatic lunchroom "Mountain" in Nagoya, JPN.
japan.lang.english.communication [MSG]
Topics on English comminications.
japan.lang.japanese [MSG]
Topics about Japanese language.
japan.lang.kansai [MSG]
Let's Talk about Kansai Japanese.
japan.lang.klingon [MSG]
Let's talk in Klingon, about Klingon.
japan.lang.latina [MSG]
Latine colloquamur. de lingua latina disputemus. [MSG]
Talking about our life. [MSG]
About Japanese who living in Amerian continent. [MSG]
About Japanese who living in Asia. [MSG]
About Japanese who living in Europe. [MSG]
About Japanese who living in other area. [MSG]
About Japanese who living Oseania. [MSG]
About the electric appliances. (electricity) [MSG]
Let's talk anything about family. [MSG]
Discussions on health issues. [MSG]
Topics on atopic dermatitis. [MSG]
Topics on the lefty. [MSG]
Topics on medial nursing. [MSG]
Topics on marriage. [MSG]
Talking about hot springs spas.
Talking about senior generation. [MSG]
Talking about single life. [MSG]
About houses or dwellings.
japan.mail-friends [MSG]
Requests for mail friends.
japan.mail.discussion [MSG]
Discussion about e-mail.
japan.mail.mailing-lists [MSG]
Topics on mailing lists.
japan.mail.reader [MSG]
Topics on mail user agent (mail reader).
japan.mail.system [MSG]
Topics on mail transfer agent system.
japan.manga [MSG]
Talking about manga.
Talking about 4-koma manga.
japan.manga.fss [MSG]
Talking about The Five Star Stories.
japan.manga.nagano-noriko [MSG]
Talking about Noriko-Nagano.
japan.mania.shota [MSG]
Talking about "shota".
japan.mirai-yosoku [MSG]
Future analysis and futurology.
japan.mono [MSG]
Talking about the things.
japan.movies [MSG]
Talking about movies.
japan.movies.bladerunner [MSG]
Talking about Bladerunner. [MSG]
Topics on music. [MSG]
Talking about alternative music. [MSG]
Topics on black music. [MSG]
Topics on blueses. [MSG]
Topics on classical music. [MSG]
Topics on comic bands. [MSG]
Talking about music compose. [MSG]
Topics and informations about desk top music. [MSG]
Topics on fusion. [MSG]
Talking about GIRL POP. [MSG]
Topics on Every Little Thing. [MSG]
Topics on Makoto Kawamoto. [MSG]
Topics on CHisato-Moritaka. [MSG]
About PUFFY. [MSG]
Topics on the guitar. [MSG]
Topics on hard rock music. [MSG]
Topics on heavy metal music. [MSG]
Topics on house music. [MSG]
Topics on jazz music. [MSG]
Topics on Tetsuya-Komuro or his family or TMN. [MSG]
Talking about new age music. [MSG]
Topics about "EACH" Ohtaki and label NIAGARA. [MSG]
Talking about American/European pops and easy listening music. [MSG]
Talking about punk music. [MSG]
Talking about techno music.
Talk About Japanese Pop-band TUBE. [MSG]
Topics on UK. Iindie music and etc. [MSG]
Talk about "URAKATA" of music scene. [MSG]
Board of wind instrument music. [MSG]
Talking about the music in the world.
japan.naplps [MSG]
Topics on NAPLPS protocols. [MSG]
Topics about networking by ADSL. [MSG]
Talking about ISDN and Terminal Adapters. [MSG]
Talking about handyphone. [MSG]
Talking about personal handyphone system. [MSG]
Topics on routers. [MSG]
Topics on UUCP.
japan.netgames.nazonazo [MSG]
Let's play riddles.
japan.netgames.nazonazo.d [MSG]
Discussion of playing riddles.
japan.netgames.shiritori [MSG]
Shiritori on netnews.
japan.netgames.shiritori.d [MSG]
Discussion Shiritori which posted on japan.netgames.shiritori.d.
japan.netnews [MSG]
Topics on Net-News.
japan.netnews.crime [MSG]
A criminal act on the netnews.
japan.netnews.groups-idea [MSG]
Talking about new/remove newsgroup's ideas of japan.*.
japan.netnews.html [MSG]
Discussions on the suitability of HTML in Internet news groups. [MSG]
Topics on new top category.
Topics on Datula.
japan.netnews.reader.gnus [MSG]
Topics on GNUS/Gnus.
japan.netnews.reader.mnews [MSG]
Topics on Mini News Reader (mnews).
japan.netnews.reader.msin [MSG]
About usage of Microsoft Internet News.
japan.netnews.reader.others [MSG]
Topics on other netnews readers.
japan.netnews.reader.outlook-express [MSG]
Topics on Microsoft Outlook Express.
japan.netnews.reader.slrn [MSG]
About a netnews client slrn.
japan.netnews.usage [MSG]
Topics about usage of the japan.* newsgroups.
japan.original.essay [MSG]
For posting your original essay.
japan.owarai [MSG]
Talking about "OWARAI".
japan.owarai.2chome [MSG]
Talking about second streeters.
japan.personality.yamamoto-masayuki [MSG]
Let's talk about Masayuki-Yamamoto.
japan.pets.dogs [MSG]
Talking about dogs.
japan.pets.dogs.breed [MSG]
Talking about dogs breed. [MSG]
Talking about dogs care.
japan.pets.hamster [MSG]
About hamster keeping. [MSG]
Topics on phographic magazines and books. [MSG]
About camera and parts. [MSG]
Topics on photographic exhibition. [MSG]
About photography. [MSG]
Topics on photogpaths serverd on WWW.
japan.poem [MSG]
Enjoy Poem.
japan.pokemon [MSG]
Theme of pokemon.
japan.puzzle.cube [MSG]
Topics on Rubic Cube.
japan.puzzle.misc [MSG]
Topics on miscellaneous puzzles.
japan.puzzle.slither-link [MSG]
Topics on slither link.
japan.q-and-a.misc [MSG]
Miscellaneous questions and answers.
japan.q-and-a.netnews [MSG]
Questions and answers about Net-News.
japan.race.keiba [MSG]
Topics on horse race. [MSG]
Talking about radio. [MSG]
Let's talk about BCL. [MSG]
Topics on community frequency.
japan.rail [MSG]
Topics on railroad.
japan.rail.steam-locomotive [MSG]
About steam locomotive. [MSG]
About travel by train in Japan.
japan.rekishi [MSG]
Let's talk about history, [MSG]
Topics on love.
japan.robamimi [MSG]
Topics not permittid to talk but wanted to talk to someone.
japan.rossia [MSG]
Talking about Rossia and Rossian.
japan.ryoko-chokin [MSG]
Talkig about "Ryoko-chokin".
japan.ryugaku [MSG]
Talking about going abroad for study.
japan.sake [MSG]
Topics on liquor.
japan.sci.algorithm [MSG]
About algorithm.
japan.sci.astro [MSG]
Discussion about stars, planets and comets.
Topics on mathematics.
japan.sci.misc [MSG]
Topics on natural science.
japan.sci.nmr [MSG]
Talking about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. [MSG]
Talking about space. [MSG]
Topics on Pretty Good Privacy(tm).
japan.seiyu [MSG]
About seiyu.
japan.seiyu.hekiru [MSG]
Talk about Hekiru Shiina.
japan.seiyu.k-mariko [MSG]
Let's Talk about KOUDA Mariko !
japan.sf.misc [MSG]
Topics on Spectacle Fiction.
japan.sf.perry-rohdan [MSG]
Topics on Perry Rohdan series.
japan.sf.phil-k-dick [MSG]
Talking about Philip-K-Dick.
japan.sf.tsutsui [MSG]
Talking about Yasutaka Tsutsui.
japan.sf.william-gibson [MSG]
Talking about William Gibson.
japan.shousetsu.jidai [MSG]
Topics on history or histrical notes.
japan.shousetsu.jisaku [MSG]
Expressing novels and stories of one's writing.
japan.shousetsu.jisaku.d [MSG]
Talking about pleasure to make novels and stories.
japan.shousetsu.suiri [MSG]
Topics on mistery story.
japan.sigoto.d [MSG]
Topics on getting a jobs.
japan.sigoto.kyu-jin [MSG]
For a situration vacant ad.
japan.sigoto.kyu-syoku [MSG]
For a looking for a jobs.
japan.sigoto.welfare [MSG]
Topics on job environment and welfare.
japan.soc.audit [MSG]
Discussion for the system of the accounting audit in Japan and the CPAs.
japan.soc.aum [MSG]
About Aum.
japan.soc.crime [MSG]
Topics about criminal act.
japan.soc.crime.internet [MSG]
Topics about criminal act on the Internet.
japan.soc.cult [MSG]
About Cult.
japan.soc.denjiha [MSG]
About effects to human by electromagnetic wave.
Topics about inner-children.
japan.soc.kaikyo [MSG]
Topics on Kaikyo(meaning islamic religions in Japanese).
japan.soc.qualifications [MSG]
Topics on qualifications.
japan.soc.transgender [MSG]
Topics on transgendered.
japan.soramimi [MSG]
Delightful talking that was owing to mishearing.
japan.soramimi.d [MSG]
For any discussion of articles on the japan.soramimi. [MSG]
About baseball. [MSG]
About Yokohama-Baystars. [MSG]
About Orix-bluewave. [MSG]
About Kintetsu-Buffaloes. [MSG]
About Hiroshima-Toyo-Carp. [MSG]
Topics on Chunichi-Dragons. [MSG]
About Nipponham-fighters. [MSG]
About Tokyo Yomiuri Giants. [MSG]
About Fukuoka-Daiei-Hawks. [MSG]
About Seibu-Lions. [MSG]
About CHiba-Lotte-Marines. [MSG]
About Yakult-Swallows. [MSG]
About Hanshin-Tigers.
japan.sports.bicycles [MSG]
Topics on cycle-sports.
japan.sports.bowling [MSG]
About bowlling. [MSG]
Talking about American-Football. [MSG]
Topics, discussion and information of association football.
Talk about golf.
japan.sports.inline-skate [MSG]
Talking about inline-skate.
Talk about horseback-riding.
japan.sports.kuruma.kansen [MSG]
Topics on Auto sportes.
japan.sports.marine [MSG]
Information and discussion about marine sports
japan.sports.prowrestling [MSG]
About prowrestling.
japan.sports.scubadiving [MSG]
Talking about Scuba Diving. [MSG]
Topics on Skiing. [MSG]
Let's talk about skysports.
japan.sports.snowboard [MSG]
Let's talk about snowboarding (Japanese Language Only).
japan.startrek [MSG]
Topics on Startrek.
japan.sukisuki.furihira-clothes [MSG]
Talk about furifuri-hirahira clothes.
japan.sukisuki.meganekko [MSG]
Talking about girls who put on spectacles.
Chat on stuffed toys.
japan.sukisuki.pony-tail [MSG]
Let's talk about Pony-Tail.
japan.sukisuki.seifuku [MSG]
Expressing one's love to uniforms and people wearing them.
japan.sukisuki.short-cut [MSG]
Talk about short hair.
japan.sukisuki.yurikko [MSG]
Talk about fictional 'Yuri'.
japan.sumo [MSG]
Talk about SUMO. [MSG]
Support group for those affected by anxiety and panic.
japan.test [MSG]
Testing all over japan. Very boring. [MSG]
Talking about tickets.
japan.tmp.announce [MSG]
Announcement for japan.tmp.*.
japan.tmp.disaster.miyakejima [MSG]
Talking about disaster of miyakejima.
japan.tmp.disaster.tottori-west [MSG]
Talking about disaster of tottori-west.
japan.tmp.usage [MSG]
Thinking anout usage of japan.tmp.*.
japan.tokusatsu [MSG]
talk about SFX, "tokusatsu"(Japanese SFX) in particular. [MSG]
Let's talk about home town. [MSG]
Let's talk about Akihabara(Tokyo).
Talk about local topics on hanshin area. [MSG]
Talk about local topics on Kobe area. [MSG]
Talk about Local topics on Kyoto area. [MSG]
Let's talking about Nagoya and neighborhood. [MSG]
Talk about local topics on Nara area. [MSG]
Let's talk about NYC(New York City). [MSG]
Let's talk about Oosu(Nagoya). [MSG]
Talk about Local topics on Osaka area. [MSG]
Let's talk about Nipponbashi(Oosaka). [MSG]
Talk about Local topics on Sapporo area. [MSG]
Talk about Local topics on Shinjuku area. [MSG]
Let's talk about Yokohama. [MSG]
Topics on going abroad. [MSG]
Topics on going domestic.
japan.trends [MSG]
Topics on trends. [MSG]
Talking about Televison. [MSG]
Topic on other special channels [MSG]
Topic on movie TV channels [MSG]
Topic on music TV channels [MSG]
Topic on news TV channels [MSG]
Topic on sports TV channels [MSG]
Topics on televison CM. [MSG]
Topics on televison dramas. [MSG]
Talking about local-TV program and local broadcast. [MSG]
Talking about midnight TV programs. [MSG]
Topic on satellite television. [MSG]
Topic on Sat TV without domestic services [MSG]
Topics on a TV program "Tantei Knight Scoop". [MSG]
Topics and informations of video equpments. [MSG]
Topics and informations of video software.
japan.videogames [MSG]
About video games.
japan.videogames.datsui-mahjong [MSG]
About strip mahjong games.
japan.videogames.diablo [MSG]
Topics on a multi-player role playing game "Diablo".
japan.videogames.finalfantasy [MSG]
Let's play Final Fantasy.
japan.videogames.gals [MSG]
Lets's talk about girl motif video games.
japan.videogames.h [MSG]
Let's talk about erotic videogames. [MSG]
Topics on videogames on IBM-PC and clones.
japan.videogames.key [MSG]
"Key" related talks. ("Key" is a game brand of Visual Arts Co.,ltd.)
japan.videogames.kusoge [MSG]
Thinking about what we call "KUSOGE".
japan.videogames.leaf [MSG]
"Leaf" related talks. ("Leaf" is a game brand of AQUAPLUS Inc.)
japan.videogames.nintendo [MSG]
Talk about all Nintendo video game systems and software.
japan.videogames.pc-fx [MSG]
Talking about PC-FX. [MSG]
Topics on Sony PlayStation.
japan.videogames.saturn [MSG]
Saturn and Saturn software.
japan.videogames.train [MSG]
Topics about train videogames.
japan.videogames.ultimaonline [MSG]
Talks About Ultima Online.
japan.videogames.win95 [MSG]
Topics on games for the Windows95.
japan.www.browser [MSG]
Topics on Web browser.
japan.www.browser.lynx [MSG]
About text WWW browser lynx.
japan.www.browser.mozilla [MSG]
About Netscape Communication Web browser.
japan.www.browser.msie [MSG]
Topics on Microsoft Internet Explorer.
japan.www.css [MSG]
Topics on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). [MSG]
Topics on homepage design, how to make et al. [MSG]
The link to the favorite WWW pages.
japan.www.proxy.squid [MSG]
About proxy server Squid Cache.
japan.www.server.apache [MSG]
Topics on WWW server apache. [MSG]
About CERN WWW (proxy) server. [MSG]
Topics on Microsoft Internet Information Server.
japan.yoso [MSG]
For thread, there is no newsgroup fit in.
japan.zange [MSG]
Confession or repentance of one's life.

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