Last modified: Feb 20, 2001

What is 'japan.*'

'japan.*' is one of the categories of newsgroups. Japanese language is mainly used in this category. The first article of 'japan.*' is posted at September 10, 1996.

Fundamental and basic documents about 'japan.*' are posted at November 1, 1996 in japan.admin.announce.

These documents are written based on discussion in 'japan.config'. Additionaly, you may need to read articles in 'japan.*'. for understanding of "What is 'japan.*' ?"

Existing NewsGroups

Here is the list of newsgroups that I can access.

NOTICE: These lists are not always up-to-date, because I maintenance them by hand.

How to setup NetNews Server

Currently, anyone can issue newgroup/rmgroup messages (but, must propose and discussion in 'japan.admin.groups'). So, for example, you can set your INN 'control.ctl' file in a following way.

## JAPAN (Japan and Japanese language)

PGP-signed Booster Control Messages

PGP-signed control messages are also available. These are issued voluntarily to filter abusive control messages.

The PGP public key to verify these messages is available from http://grex.cyberspace.org/~tt/japan.admin.announce.asc . For your convenience, I put it here.

Sample control.ctl entry:

# JAPAN newsgroups

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