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Software for Windows can be downloaded.
Ringtone  and Mobile Movie Converter
  3GX  (Cell phone sound converter) Shareware
3GX UTY Freeware
3GM (Cell phone movie converter) Shareware
Automated Composing System Shareware
Sequence Software, Musical Score Editor
  EasyMusicMaker (sequencer for beginners) Freeware
First Song Editor (with more than 1000 traditional songs!) Freeware
Copy Down Tool Freeware
Shakuhachi Score Freeware
Algorithmic Composition Software
Algorithmic Composition Software
Pict Muse Freeware
Video Muse Freeware
Genre Music Program Freeware
Fractal Music Program Freeware
Earth Music Program Freeware
Scale and Tuning Software
Scale Changer Pro Shareware
Scale Changer Lite Freeware
Guitar Tuner Freeware
Scale Master Freeware
Scale Visualizer Freeware
ModeChanger Freeware
VST Related
VST Player Freeware
VST Animal Freeware
Other Software