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Music can be generated from natural thing. This program generates music from geographical information of Japan.

Why this program was made?

Music can be generated by data of nature things, such as wave, wind, or pattern of tree. These things from nature may have healing effect. (Some Japanese researcher call it 1/f frustration.) 
The problem is that what kind of data can be used. In may case, I developed a sub system of GPS system. So I had some knowledge and data of Japanese map. I decided to use Japanese map data for music. 
How can I make music from Japanese map? 
There are data that have altitude of Japan. Pick up any two points and connect them with straight line. Extract altitude data from this line and covert them into notes of 2 bars. If altitude is high, it becomes high pitch note, if it is low, it becomes low pitch note.

Is it good music? 
It does not generate good music since note generation rule is very simple. But you know, this is a just example that music can be generated from natural thing.

Download is here!

 This is freeware!
This program is free.
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