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Generates Midi files of music box automatically and play them continuously.

What is PC Musicbox?

Library has over 500 world traditional songs!

PC MUSICBOX is intended to have music box in PC.
Library contains over 500 songs of Japanese and world traditional songs.

User can import any MIDI files and convert them into musicbox files.
User also can generate original songs with algorithmic composition function.

Shows Disk image of musicbox!

User can select small disk, large disk, paper as musicbox disk type.
While playing songs, disk image moves with playing notes.

Enjoy toy piano sound in PC.

User can select toy piano also.
While playing songs, keyboard image highlighted with playing notes.

Fem files for Grand Pianist
With [Export] button, user can save fem files.
Grand Pianist of SEGA toys loads fem files via SD card, and you can play it.

Insert SD card in blue marked slot.

Download is here!

This is Freeware!
This program is for Windows95, Windows98. Likely run on Windows2000, WindowsXP.
PC Musicbox Version 3.0 Last Update 2010/02/02  
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista
(32/64 Bit)
Windows 7
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