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The program takes picture file, and generate music from color data.

What is First Song?

Generates Midi file from melody and chord progression.
User inputs melody notes and chord progression, then FirstSong generates midi files with various musical styles.
Arrangement of song will be done automatically.


More than 500 traditional songs are included!
More than 500 traditional songs (public domain songs) are included as archive.

Half of them are Japanese traditional songs. The rest of them are World traditional songs.
If you are interested in Japanese traditional songs, please try First Song Editor!

Produce Karaoke Files!
First Song Editor can generate Karaoke files with XF format.
User can input texts with notes.
Some of library songs have Japanese texts. If you replace it with English, you can have English Karaoke File.
Button texts have been translated into English from Japanese.
However, help file and some operation guide texts are still in Japanese.
You can use ACS Link musical styles only if you have ACS license. If you do not have ACS license, you still can use some musical styles.

Some English title of archive songs are not correct because I know only Japanese title of them.
If you know original title of songs, please let me know.

Give me your country's Traditional Songs!
Volunteer Wanted!
I want to add songs  from all over the world to this software. Give me your country's traditional songs.
Send me midi, mp3, mp4, or picture of score.
The song should be public domain.
Public domain means people can use the song without royalty fee.
For example, "I've Been Working on the Railroad" is Public Domain. We do not know who made the tune, since it is very old folk song. Even we know who made the tune, the tune could be used without royalty fee, if the composer died more then 50 years ago. (For example, Mozart.) We can use most classical tunes without royalty fee.
We can not use "Let it be" without
royalty fee because Paul is still alive! (So do not send me this kind of tune.)

Download is here!

 This is Freeware!
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