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  3GM can create 3GP and 3G2 files. These movie files can be played by cellar phones.
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About Software

Creates Movie files for mobile device

3GM takes wmv, mpeg, avi files and converts them to 3GP and 3G2 files. These movie files can be played by mobile device such as cellar phones.
Convert wmv file

3GM can convert wmv files that is created by Windows Movie Maker.

Convert mpeg1 file

File extension of "mpg" and "mpeg" can be converted to 3GP and 3G2.

avi file support

3GM can convert avi files to 3GP and 3G2 files.

Output 3GP and 3G2 files.

3GP files and 3G2 files can be played by cellar phones.

Transfer files to cellar phone

Use links to transfer3gp and 3g2 files to your cellar phones.

au NTT DoCoMo Softbank
3g2 3gp 3gp

Download is here!

 Shareware($15.00) Trial use (free)
This program can be used for trial with limited times and period of conversion..
Please refer to help file about sending fee for registration. (Go to and pay $15.00. )
You can use major credit cards, and paypal.
How to get password is
Trial use free  
You can use 20 days or 25 conversion for trial use.
Part of help information is still Japanese.
Before sending shareware fee, make sure that you can do what you want with this software.
Version 1.27 Update 10/01/30  
Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista
(32/64 Bit)
Windows 7
? ? ? ? O O O/O O/O
If you are using Windows 2000, install DirectX 9.0 or later version.

Double click "Config.bat" after installation. "Config.bat" is in installation folder.
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Download (MSI)
Windows Installer (Download either zip or msi)
Download (ZIP) If you need program and data fies without installer.
  Mu-tech has MPEG-4 AAC licence.of VIA.
Mu-tech has MPEG-4 VISUAL license of  MPEGLA.