Music Soft
Software for Windows and Macintosh can be loaded.
Automated Composing System Shareware
MIDI Searcher Shareware
Scale Changer Pro Shareware
Scale Changer Lite Freeware
Pict Muse Freeware
VideoMuse Freeware
Gene Music Program Freeware
Fractal Music Program Freeware
Earth Music Program Freeware
MusicPlant Screen Saver Freeware
Mozart Dice Music Freeware
PC Jukebox Freeware
PC Musicbox Freeware
Note Range Checker Freeware
  Guitar Chord Learning Tool Freeware
  Ukulele Chord Learning Tool Freeware
  Guitar Tuner Freeware
  Hearing Range Checker Freeware
  VST Player Freeware
  VST Animal Freeware
  Scale Master Freeware
  Absolute Hearing Training Freeware
MusicMirror Shareware
MusicMark Freeware
Mobile Application
Mozart Dice Game (in Japanese) iMode Application
Musical Fortune Telling Online, Free
Internet Algorithmic Composition Online, Free
Dancing Cat (in Japanese) Online, Free
Cats Chorus Online, Free