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  Put notes on staff, then you can generate midi files.
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About this software

Put notes and make midi file

EasyMusicMaker is so called "Sequencer" or "Sequence software." User puts notes on staff and finally can generate midi files.
EasyMusicMaker is designed for beginners. It avoids advanced and difficult functions that beginners do no use. Instead,  it implements easier operation to make staff.

Save time! new method of input with drag and drop!

With this software, most operation can be done with drag and drop operation.

Most sequencer require repeating selecting pitch and length of note. However this software requires only selecting pitch of note. After putting a note, length of former note is automatically set.
For example, ordinary method requires 12 clicks with above staff. New method only requires 6 drag and drops.

# and b notes are easy to input!  

[Diatonic] button shows notes on key scale with yellow highlight, so that beginner can input easily. You can input song of any key. Picture above is example E major key.
Easy to input Guitar  

Using guitar palette makes guitar input easier.
 Sample song  
The following songs were input with EasyMusicMaker.
 Things not suit for EasyMusicMaker  
Inputting 16th notes,  32nd notes, and triplet notes. Function of inputting 16th note is not sufficient, you can not input some combination of notes.
You can not input 32nd note at all.
Printing score There are no printing functions.
Polyphonic notes are not displayed correctly sometime.
Transpose at middle of the song You can input song that transposes at middle of the song. However, you can input only one key signature. So you have to input songs with temporary signs. (You can input, but feel strange with display.)
Change time sign at middle of the song You can input that changes time sign at middle of the song. However you can input only one time sign. So you have to input it with different time sign. (You can input, but feel strange with display.)
Strange time sign song If time sign is 7/8 or other strange time sign, you can input it if you ignore bar lines.  (You can input, but feel strange with display.)
Input 6/8 as 3/4, input 8/8 as 4/4.
Assign more than one track for one channel EasyMusicMaker does not have idea of track. It treat channel and track as the same thing.
Musical expression There are no function of velocity, choking, pitch bend, and other musical expressions.
Setting of channel and track You can not set different volume or other property of channel.
You can only set different musical instrument for each channels.

Download is here!

 Advice for beginners  
This software is designed for beginners at the following situation.
User who does not knows computer music and midi, but want to make a midi file quickly.
User who want to input easy song with referring staff, such as child song or traditional song.

This software is not designed for following users.

User who want to edit midi that is created by advanced user.
User who want to put musical expression into the song.

If you have a staff that only has melody and chord name, use this software.

You can use this software with your own risk.
This version can be used until the end of 2010. If you want to use this software after then, please download new version. The new version will be ready before then.
Sequencer for beginners
Version 1.07


Windows95 Windows98 Windows2000 WindowsXP Windows Vista(32bit/64bit) Windows7(32bit/64bit)
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