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Hiroshi Kawarazaki, Esq.

The aim of this page is to provide the information for the common people in a legal trouble.

Legal Prcatice in Japan
*Access to an Attorney
*Bar Associations List
*Legal Aids list 2009.3.1
*Traffic Accident Damages In Japan
*Notify Your Intention To Other Party
*Privilege of Reducing Gift Tax
*Average Wage in Japan
Interactive Space
*Calculators for Legal Practice
*Lawyer's Fee Calculator
*Damage Calculator
*Calculator of Consolation Money For Physical Injury
:Personal Injury Calculator

*Consolation Money Calculator of Compulsory Insusance
:Personal Injury Calculator

*Stamp Calculator for Law Suit
*Interest Calculator
*Loan Calculator 2009.3.1
*Child Support Calculator in Japan
*Spouse Support Payment Calculator in Japan
*Gift Tax Calculator
*Value Estimator of Expected Asset
*Car Estimator based on Depreciation 2009.2.6
*Is relinquishing the rights to inheritance before mother's death valid ?
*Can I claim my right to inheritance against my father's will ?
*Step daughter's inheritance right 2009.3.1
*Divorce, inheritance and childsupport NEW
*Compensation for Injury of Employee In Japan
*Is gift tax imposed on non-resident in Japan?
*Brasilian/Brazilian lady can divorce Japanese husband
*Can I get divorce by divorce paper?
*Divorce and property between US/Japan
*Divorce and visa
*Childsupport out of wedlock
*How many women lawyers in Japan ?
*The characteristic of Japanese Government

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