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The characteristic of Japanese Government

I am a practicing lawyer. I am worried over our country.
In Japan government does not work for the people. The staffs of government office are looking for their own interests.
For example they organized many corporations in order to acquire the rights and interests and to get jobs after leaving the official service. They get too much salary and retiring allowance from the corporations that they organized.
Politicians,Prime Minister and other Cabinet members do not have ability to control bureaucrat. They only play the part of personage in the drama, as actors do. It is the tragedy of modern Japanese.
In Februaly 1996 we got only one exception to this tragedy. Mr. Kan Naoto, the Minister of Health and Welfare, made the staffs of the Ministry of Health and Welfare open the memorandum to the public. The staffs of the Ministry had kept that memorandum secret for long time. Because it verifies gross negligence and no action of the staffs of the Ministry, disregarding the high risk of HIV contagion through transfusion of non-heat treated blood.
March 31, 1996, Tokyo

This was a old strory. Japan has been changed.
September 30, 2010