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Last update Mar. 11, 2015

Lawyer's Fee Calculator in Japan

In Japan we decide lawyer's fee based on the amount of time spent on the cases ( time basis ) or on the the amount of the economic value of the calim that the client make ( claim amount basis ).
Usual hourly rate of charge is from ¥10,000 to ¥30,000.
On the claim amount basis, for example, if the claim for damages is ¥10,000,000, the standard retainer ( initial fee ) is ¥590,000 and the success fee is ¥1,180,000.
We put a calculator of attorney's fee on the claim amount basis. As it's only a trial production, we must improve it.
If you try to use it, we are very pleased.

Lawyer's Fee Calculator in Japan



Enter the amount of your claim in the frame, then click the CALC button.
You can see the standard initial fee(Retainer) and success fee below.
We made the formula according to Regulations concerning the standards for attorneys' fee of Japan Federation of Bar Associations. The Regulations were abolished on March 31st of 2004.

Bar association established fee rules and asked Member lawyer follow the rules. Rule that violates antitrust laws and was criticized for that. As a result, rules were abolished.
However, many lawyers uses this rule as a fee rules.