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Last update May 21, 2010
Hiroshi Kawarazaki, Esq.

Damages Calculator In Japan

You can calculate loss earnings resulted by fatal injury or aftereffects caused by the accident;traffic accident. Interest is deducted at the rate of 5% per annum using Leibnitz or Hoffmann coefficient.

We recommend you Java-Savvy Browser. Select "Death" or "Aftereffect" by clicking the radio button and Leibnitz or Hoffmann. Enter victim's annual income( yen ), or statistic average income if victim has no income and victim's age. Then select victim's status ratio or work capability loss ratio.
The rate of deduction for living expenses
Principal income earner
*Victim has 1 dependent.40%
*Victim has more than 2 dependent... 30%
Female : including housewife,single and baby.40%
Male : including single and baby.50%

Tokyo District Court uses Leibnitz method. Osaka District Court and Nagoya District Court use Hoffmann method. Supreme Court upholds both formula. With Hoffmann method court computes lost income on the basis of the average income of 18 years old workers, not on the basis of avrage income of all workers. After January 2000 all courts will use Leibnitz method.

Above figure is only a lost income ( = Loss earnings ). Besides above damages you can ask consolation money below written. Formula

Leibnitz Method
Loss earnings
= r
Σ A / ( 1 + 0.05 ) p
p = 1
= r
A { 1/(1+0.05) + 1/(1+0.05)2 + .......+ 1/(1+0.05)n-2+ 1/(1+0.05)n-1 + 1/(1+0.05)n }

Hoffmann Method
Loss earnings
= r
Σ A / ( 1 + 0.05p )
p = 1
= r
A { 1/(1+0.05)+ 1/(1+2× 0.05) + ................... + 1/(1+(n-1)× 0.05)+ 1/(1+n× 0.05) }

A = Annual income, n = Working year, r = rate of deduction for living expenses , or work capability loss ratio.
N.N. of old version can not show sigma.

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