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Last updated Feb. 17, 2015
H. Kawarazaki, Esq.

Car Estimator Based On Depreciation
=Car For Family Use

In case damaged car can not be repaired for reasonable expense, court will approve the difference between the market value that said car would have if not damaged at the time of accident and the actual selling price for the damaged car as damage. If you can not find the market value, court will estimate the value based on the depreciation method ; declining-balance method or straight line method.
In Japan the legal depreciation period of car for family use is 6 years.
Select D(Declining-balance method) or S(Straight line method), enter the purchasing cost of the car(COST), period from purchasing time (YEAR) and month(MONTH) .
Then click the CALC button.
Car estimator

Period must be under 6 years.

FormulaDeclining-Balance Method
Value = Purchasing Cost ( 1-0.319 )Year

Straight Line Method
Value = Purchasing Cost - { Purchasing Cost x ( 1 - 1 / 10 ) x 0.166 x Year }

Only testing Formula. Please informed me of defect.
Fill all the frame with number.

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