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Last Updated Oct. 23, 2011

Divorce and inheritance

H. Kawarazaki, esq.
I have been married to my wife (a Japanese national) for 11 years and have 2 children aged 5 and 9.
We are currently building a house on my father-in-laws land which will be finished next March. We have taken out a loan in both of our names through the Japan Housing Finance Agency system for ¥25,000,000 but the land is held in my father-in-laws name.
My wife has committed adultery which she only recently told me about and we are considering divorce or separation after the house is completed. I have decided that my wife should continue to live with the children in our new house.
My wife inherited ¥20,000,000 when her mother died and we also have ¥15,000,000 of savings in an account in USA in my name.
My wife doesn't currently work and hasn't worked for most of our marriage and my income is around ¥7,000,000 a year. We have no debt except the housing loan.
  1. I would like to know how much I would have to pay for child support by Japanese law if we divorce?
  2. Is the inheritance my wife received only hers or is it considered part of our combined money?
  3. I have a permanent resident visa so would this continue even if I get divorced?
  1. Your annual income is around ¥7,000,000 and your 2 children are under 14 years old. So your child support is from ¥140,000 to ¥160,000 monthly.
    You can calculate by yourself using the Child support calculator .
  2. As alimony you must pay ¥7,500,000. That is 1/2 of your saving money.
  3. As compensation money for adultery she must pay you around ¥3,000,000.
  4. The inheritance that your wife received is only hers.
  5. Yes, your permanent resident visa would continue even if you get divorced.
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