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Look Smart: Sciences, Society, Government & Politics, Humanities, Reference, Philosophy, Social Science, Law, Politics, Issues & Policy Science, Sociology, Ecology, Environmental Issues, Economics, Political Science, Philosophy
Academic Info: (A-Z Subject Index, Find it on the Internet, Search Academic Info)
The Argus Clearinghouse: Social Sciences & Social Issues: Sociology (sociology: General, Social Theory, Social Activism)
Open Directory Project: Science

Research Online
[ Ready, 'Net, Go! Archival Internet Resources | Start Your Research Here! (Old Dominion University Libraries) | Subject Guides (LSU Libraries) | Internet Crossroads in the Social Sciences--contains over 650 annotated links to data-related resources on the Internet. | Social Science Information Gateway | INFOMINE (Social Sciences and Humanities) | Social Sciences (WESTERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY) | Julian Dierkes' Comprehensive Guide to Sociology On-Line | Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Edited by Peter Suber at Earlham College, is a comprehensive collection of philosophy resources on the internet) | Worldwide Philosophy Resources (Study Guide features thousands of annotated links, text resources and community resources for students and teachers) ]

Please feel free to visit my Cyber Seminar: Links pages.
[Social Issues: Environment, Welfare, Women/Labour/Human Rights & Social Sciences: Philosophy &Thought, Sociology, Politics & Law and History of Economic Thought (Karl Marx & Classical Political Economists) ]

Writing Online
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[ Search Paper Abstracts | Ingenta | Electronic Theses and Dissertations in the Humanities | Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (based at Virginia Tech) | The Dissertation Den (Doctoral Dissertation Resources) | Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Initiative | T. Oishi's Electronic Papers in Engish. | Research Papers (Yahoo!) | Fast Paper: Topics | | FIND | Student Resources ]

Resources Online
Web Sites
[ Repositories of Primary Sources: Europe 1, Europe 2, Europe Additional Links, Netherlands Additional Links) | Master Lists of Archives: Web sites around the world | The WWW Virtual Library | GREAT BOOKS | The Online Books PageOnlineBooks: Authorsby Titlesby Subjects) | Social Sciences WWW Virtual Library (Sociology, Economics) | SOCIAL SCIENCES WWW VIRTUAL LIBRARY (Social Science Resources) | Research Resources in Social Science | Social Sciences Virtual Library | Research Resources for Sociology | SocioSite: Sociological Subject Areas (Multipurpose site for sociologists with links to wide variety of sociological resources and publications in the world.) | SocioSite | The SocioLog | Projekt Gutenberg -DE ...enthhaelt Texte in deutscher Sprache von mehr als 350 Klassikern. | UNESCO LIBRARIES PORTAL & UNESCO ARCHIVES PORTAL | The Library of Economics and Liberty (at | DATA AND RESEARCH (at | History of Economic Thought Archives (at McMaster) | Humanity Development Library | GREATBOOKS | The Online Books Pageby Authorsby TitlesOnlineBooks: Subjects) | Akamac E-text Links | Alex Catalogue of Electronic texts ]

Statistical Data
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[ Research-It! and Find-It! (iTools) | Roget's Internet Thesaurus | Hypertext Webster Gateway | OneLook Dictionaries - The Faster Finder | | A Web of On-line Dictionaries | Dictionaries, Grammars, and other online language resources | Acronym and Abbreviation Server | Dictionary of Scientific Quotations | Akronyme/acronyms ]

[ Encyclopedia Britannica Online | Glorier Online (Encyclopedia Americana) | Columbia Encyclopedia | | EncyberPedia.Com | Information Please | Microsoft Encarta Online | The Canadian Encyclopedia Online | Encyclopedia Smithsonian | ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LAW & ECONOMICS | One World - Nations Online | World Factbook ]

Cyber Seminar: Links
Social Issues: Environment, Welfare, Women/Labour/Human Rights
Social Sciences: Philosophy &Thought, Sociology, Politics & Law
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