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WWW(World Wide Web) is not the only feature of the iNet. E-mail, Mailing-List & NetNews, telnet, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Gopher are also very popular. E-mail especially, is a very good means of communication and will become as popular as fax machines. Therefore, it is a must for students to be good at using E-mail.
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Reference & Directory Online
[ NETGLOS - English - The Multilingual Glossary of Internet Terminology | Jayde: Computers ]

Features of iNet
Mail Address Serch Engines
[ Yahoo! People Search ]

Mailing Lists
[ Liszt: Searchable Directory of e-Mail Discussion Groups | Search The List of Lists | TILE.NET LISTS ]

Clipping & Other Services
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Electronic Magazines
[ Mac Central | ZD Net b InfoWorld Electric b Welcome to NEWS.COM ]

iNet & Society
[ Humanities & iNet | Economics & iNet | Politics & iNet | Sociology & iNet ]

Cyber Seminar: Links
Social Issues: Environment, Welfare, Women/Labour/Human Rights
Social Sciences: Philosophy &Thought, Sociology, Politics & Law
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