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Hobby Search has begun taking pre-order for Gainer SLS Super GT 2013, which makes the third 2013 GT300 racer kit following the MP4-12C Eva and Z4 GT3 Miku kits.

Notable Nov/Dec releases

bulletBeemax/Aoshima Celica 1989 Australia Rally
bulletTamiya La Ferrari
bulletFujimi McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail Gulf
bulletFujimi McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail Fina
bulletFujimi McLaren MP4-12C GT3 2013
bulletFujimi BMW Z4 GT3 Hatsune Miku Super GT Late 2012
bulletFujimi BMW Z4 GT3 Hatsune Miku Super GT 2013
bulletFujimi Mercedes Benz SLS GT3 Gainer Dixcel, Super GT 2013
bulletFujimi McLaren MP4/2 (1/20)
bulletFujimi Lamborghini Veneno


Nichimo, one of the oldest Japanese model manufacturers, closed its business in September 2013. Back in old days, Nichimo made a lot of in car kits 1/20 and 1/24 scale, and some of the molds are in the hands of Fujimi. Nichimo's recent focus was aircraft and ships, so the closure doesn't have a major impact on car modeling coummunity, but it's sad for any model compnay to go.


Japanese retailers have began taking pre-order of Tamiya 1/24 LaFerrari, which is scheduled for November release for 4800 yen (+tax). It's going to be a full detail kit with separate doors and engine cover.


Fujimi, whichi no longer participate in Japanese hobby shows, announced their future releases for this summer. The biggest news is McLaren F1 in 1/24 scale.

bullet1991 McLaren F1 road car, 4200 yen
bulletMcLaren MP4-12C Evangelion Unit 01, Super GT 2013, 5250 yen
bulletPorsche 911 GT3R Evangelion Unit 02, Super GT 2011 Rd. 5 Suzuka, Y5250
bulletBMW Z4 GT3 Project mirai, Super GT 2012, Round 1 Okayama, 5250 yen
bulletBMW Z4 GT3 Project mirai, Super GT 2012, Round 2 Fuji, 5250 yen
bulletFerrari 150 Italia, 2011 Round 15, Suzuka, 5250 yen


Japanese plastic model manufacturers have announced their future products officiallly shown at 2013 Shizuoka Hobby Show in mid May.

< Aoshima >


1979 Nissan Gloria (type430), all new tool


1979 NIissan Cedric (type 430), all new tool


2012 Subaru Sambar truck  (7th gen) w/ simplified engine,  all new tool


2012 Subaru Sambar van (7th gen),  w/ simplified engine, all new tool


Subaru BRZ w/ engine, modified reissue


Toyota 86 w/ engine, modified reissue

*Aoshima's BRZ/86 engine appears to be more detailed than Tamiya's.

< Hasegawa >


No new car kit

< Tamiya >

bulletNo new car kit



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May 31, 2016

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