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Greetings !

Welcome to my home page.  I'm Hiroaki Fukuda, a Japanese modeler (used to be) living in the suburbs of Tokyo.  When I was in junior high, I became serious about model making, and I learned painting and airbrushing by making Gundam models(1).  I also learned that modifications and scratchbuilding were alternative solutions to represent the subjects, that weren't available from the major manufacturers.

When I was in high school, my interest shifted toward aircraft, mainly the post Vietnam jets, and I made almost all Tom Cat Squadrons in 1/144 scale. (from VF-1 and stalled at VF-111)  However, I kept making the Japanese animation related subjects, and I made my first scratchbuilt model when I was fifteen.  It was the time when resin kit industries were slowly surfacing, and I attended the first Wonder Festival (2), a swap meet for pro and amateur modelers, as a visitor.

I associated with a local hobby store in Tokyo, that sells their own resin kits, and I became a master parts builder.  Most of them were sold at the Won-Fes and Jaf-Con(3), and a few models were commercially released.

I continued making models after finishing high school, but I concluded that model building wouldn't make enough money to lead a decent life, so I was seeking for an alternative option.  After completing a one-year language program, I entered the Wichita State University in Kansas, and finished in Aero Space Engineering.  During my stay in the U.S., I participated in the South West Challenge twice with a red RX-7 and yellow Ferrari 275 GTB, and model contests in Wichita with the models shown in my gallery page.

I used to put together five models a year, and updated my web page once a month, but since I have a full time job, the modeling pace got much slower.

(Feb. 2003 - I came back to Kansas, and living with my wife.)

(Nov. 2003 - I moved to Houston, TX working for Newtype USA magazine)

Anyway, enjoy your stay, and feel free to send me a mail with questions and comments.

(1) Gundam
A Japanese Sci-Fi Animated series started to be broadcasted in 1979.  The show was shortened from the original schedule due to low rating, but after the rerun, it captured not only kids heart, but also adults for its matured theme, complicated story and fascinating design.
(2) Wonder Festival
Bi-annual swap meet for pro and amateur modelers, who wish to sell a models of copy-righted subjects.  The organizer handles the paper work, so that even amateurs can make and sell models of popular TV shows and movies.  Quality of the kits varies, but many of them are either highly detailed or artistic.  Usually, the production is limited (from a dozen to a few hundred), and price is very high (a few hundred $US), and that makes "Won-Fes" model kits highly collectible and valuable.
(3) Jaf-Con (Japan Fantastic Convention)
Another annual swap meet for amateur modelers, organized by Bandai and the leading Japanese model magazine, Hobby Japan.  It has its own licensing rules and connection to the copy right holders.  (Later, Bandai pulled off, started its own C3, Characters Cultural Convention)

Email address:  hirofukuda04@sbcglobal.net

Please, feel fee to send email with comments and questions related to this web site, cars, models, anime, about Tokyo or anything in either English or Japanese.


Do I take commissions? Yes, I do, but currently it's limited to car models. Send me email with your interest or question.

Yahoo Japan Auction

I act as a proxy and bid for the people who don't have a contact address in Japan (required by the system). The fee is 10% of the winning bid or $10 whichever is greater per item, and I ask the payment through Paypal before the bid.  It won't be cheap, so ask me as the last resort.  If you need help searching, feel free to ask me the link searched by Japanese keywords.

 Feel free to send emails with questions or comments

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