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I am dreaming to live in the world like the following.
The existence of the afterlife is the common sence.
People who lost their friends are consoled by communicating with friends in the beyond.
Every company knows what is more important than making money.
I do not know if it is good for humankind and society to create such world.
When this dream comes true, at least
the movie world suffer a severe blow since the death is always the climax in their movie,
a judge must consider the evidence by the victims who have already passed,
and the administrative organs will be confused.
Still I wish to create such world. It is just my EGO.
If you approve of my ego, these pages are really informative for you!

Siyoh Tomiyama August 1999

Today there is high-tech communication reported between researchers in this physical world and other entities, often called "spirits" or "spiritual beings," residing in delicate, more finely spun dimensions of reality. Modern research laboratories in Europe are reporting extended, two-way communication with spiritual beings almost daily, receiving esoteric and advanced technical information through telephone answering machines, radios and computer printouts. They are reporting actual video images from the astral planes on their television sets. This is all part of a new and burgeoning field called instrumental transcommunication (ITC). If the reports are true, then ITC is quickly building a bridge between the dimensions of physical and spiritual being that even the most skeptical among us will soon have to take a close, objective look at. While the evidence at present is genuinely astonishing, it is not yet wholly conclusive, so each of us will have to judge the validity of ITC for ourselves.

from "When Dimensions Cross" by Mark Macy

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