Selected ITC, EVP Sites having some hisroty.
> Mark Macy and Rolf-D. Ehrhardt's homepage. This site has a lot of information about vorious researchers in the world. (English)
Verein für Tonbandstimmenforschung (VTF) e.v.
> VTF is an association for Tape Voice Research in German. There is quite a lot information about EVP. (German and English)
> Mr. Pjouini is a personal researcher of ITC in France. This site displays his results in video & audio transcommunication. (French and English)
Associção Nacional de Transcomunicadores (ANT)
> Sonia Rinaldi's homepage. She coordinates ITC association with in Brazil. (Portuguese)
Instrumental Transcommunication
> The site by Ms. Anabela Cardoso, ITC experimenter. She launched a serious multilingal ITC journal. (Spanish and English)
American Association-Electronic Voice Phenomena
> This is a dedicated EVP organization in US. Anyone with an interest in the study of survival of the human consciousness beyond physical death, stands to learn and grow in this environment. (English)
> Since he got the first EVP voice, he built amplifier, sum-and-difference-amplifier, 30 band real-time audio-spectrum-analyzer, 30-band terz graphic equalizer, filter with parametrization technique, and so on. But ... (German)
> EVP and ITC Research by Henk Stooter en Alex Ottens. (Dutch and English)
> International protocol of research on the analysis of voices recorded in ITC.
Inside the International ITC Platform (ITCP), it has been put in progress a project of importance that is under development. It is about a common international research on the received voice analysis in ITC. (French and English)

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