Is ITC phenomenon genuine?

The first subject is tape contact. The tape contact: EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) has almost 30 years history. There are a lot of scientific articles. Though you can explode these articles by yourself, I introduce you an early important experiment. In 1971, several experiments were done under strict conditions to prove the phenomenon is genuine.

The English company Belling and Lee, LTD., decided to conduct some experiments with Raudive at their Radio-Frequency-Screened Laboratory. Some scientists had theorized that perhaps the voices were coming from ham-radio broadcasts and bouncing off the ionosphere. The supervising engineer, Peter Hale, was a physicist and an electronics engineer. Hale was considered the leading expert on electronic-suppression in Great Britain, and one of the five leading sound engineers in the West. Belling and Lee is used by the British government to test its most sophisticated defense equipment. What happened baffled the sound engineers. Again, paranormal voices were recorded on factory fresh tape. Hale said:

In view of the tests carried out in a screened laboratory at my firm, I cannot explain what happened in normal physical terms.

from "Conversations Beyond the Light"

The next subject is phone contact. When someone claims that he/she gets calls from the beyond, you naturally wonder "Where does the call come from?" The comprehensive tracing of phone call is a service available in most European countries.
On 1996, January 11, independent ITC experimenter Adolf Homes arranged with the German phone company Deutsche Telekom to have all his phone calls monitored and traced for a period of two months. After being equipped with complete monitoring and Caller ID services, Mr Homes received four paranormal calls on January 15, January 30, February 15, and another date unspecified. The January 15 call occurred at 3:35 p.m. A female voice said:

This is Mother. Hello Juenken*1. The information of friends Senkowski*2 and Delavre*3 provides protection for your phone contacts. The results of this telephone control will give assurance to your friends. Mother is going to contact you several times on your phone. As you know, my thoughts are sent in different speech patterns. The vibrational ties with your equipment make our contacts possible. We greet you all in love. End of contact.

Mr Homes reported that no phone calls besides the four mentioned above were received by his family on that telephone during that time. The phone company's March 14 report corroborated Mr Homes's statement.

Deutsche Telekom

Refer to: Order of 1995 December 13
File #: PKV 1-5 Thomas Binz
Concerning: Determination of incoming calls to Telephone terminal 065087511

Dear Mr Homes,

We have concluded the requested monitoring of your telephone line during the period from 1996 January 11 to March 11. During that period, no calls were made to you. A charge of DM 127.00 will be included in your next Telekom bill for this service. With the best of greetings, Thomas Binz.

from "Contact!" 96/02

Then television contact. In order to get to know the ITC phenomenon better parapsychologist Dr. Theo Locher, Switzerland, traveled to Luxembourg on August 26, 1988. Maggy Harsch on this day received one of the many paranormal telephone calls from the communication station in the spirit world. An announcement was made that around 8 p.m. Earth time a contact would be attempted in his presence.

The Harsch couple and I entered the experimentation room before that time and I noticed that the screen of the small black and white TV set would not light up, nor could it be tuned to different channels. Neither TV screen nor loudspeaker were functioning. The set was plugged in but had no antenna connection.
At 8:22 p.m. the TV screen lit up and we saw a picture of a group of trees for approximately 2 mins. 40 sec. At the same time we heard the well-known, chopped and synthesized voice of the Technician clearly from the TV loudspeaker. He spoke about three phases of development of ITC contacts. At the conclusion Dr Raudive briefly greeted us and finished the contact.

Dr Theo Locher says that the phenomenon was genuine and convincing for two reasons:

  1. the Technician and Raudive called him by name
  2. the defective TV set was made to work

from "Breakthroughs"

The paranormal effects on the Manfred Boden computer programs are the first of all known computer contacts. On December 10, 1980, he was working together with Juergen W. on his Commodore CBM 8032 computer when they entered the text of a biorhythm program from disk and displayed it on the screen. With each command the text changed, at first letter by letter and then line by line. Boden got many paranormal contact via computer since then. He later sent the following questions to Juergen W:

Prof Senkowski took great pains in his analysis of Februaly 1981 to evaluate the computer phenomena and give a comprehensive description of the happenings. He concluded, "The explanation that computer phenomena were caused by system trouble cannot be accepted. The changes were carried out with intent."

from "Breakthroughs"

There are so many hard evidences that show paranormal contacts really occur. The Vatican has known of the research on Instrumental Transcommunication for years and even has authorized its own research people to explore the subject.*4 And the new organization "GAIT" is struggling to get the evidences which can convince even a hardcore skeptical scientist (see the reports from Brazil). So, the next question should be "How are paranormal voices formed?" The possible partners of these contacts are:

  1. People who can freely use parascientific equipments
  2. People who have psychic ability
  3. Extra-terrestrials
  4. Spirits

There is one more possibility.

No one can prove any of them. But still, the most reasonable and acceptable possibility should be that the partners are spirits. In words of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach:

The entities who address us through our equipment identify themselves as having passed on into the spirit world. We accept this unless someone can prove otherwise. To this day nobody has come up with another acceptable explanation. All arguments to the contrary are mostly the results of fear, frustration, ignorance or jealousy. As contacts between dimensions grow stronger, opponents arguments for trickery and manipulation grow weaker.

from "When Dimensions Cross"


*1A dialect diminutive for "Young one" or "Son" -back-
*2The audiocassette recordings of Mr Homes's four telephone contacts are being analyzed and caralogued by physicist Ernst Senkowski at the Association for Psychobiophysics in Mainz, Germany. -back-
*3Dr Vladimir Delavre and Dr Ernst Senkowski publish the semiannual journal Transkommunikation for German-speaking technical and scientific readers. -back-
*4Conversations Beyond the Light P3. -back-

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