Can we trust ITC messages?

If the question is "Can we always trust ITC messages?", the answer would be "No." Sometimes we can't trust messages from the beyond. As well as this physical world where positive and constructive people live with negative and deceptive people, there are various spirits who inherited these characters in the other world. It seems that negative spirits live (die?) for deceiving experimenters on the Earth side. I show you a few examples. The first one is the computer contact of Manfred Boden. He is very nervous, emotional person, but also as open and honest.

On December 10, 1980, Manfred Boden was working together with Juergen W. on his Commodore CBM 8032 computer when they entered the text of a biorhythm program from disk and displayed it on the screen. With each command the text changed, at first letter by letter and then line by line. Boden's first name and family name appeared, then the name of a mutual acquaintance of both men who had died just three months previously. The changes manifested as an exchange of single letters and figures overwriting the original text. These mysterious changes culminated in the slowly printed sentence:

l am here. you will die, Manfred, 1982 accident August 16. 1982. yours, Klaus.

A later text, slightly changed, gave the cause of death, "HEART ATTACK," followed by, "HI, Hl" Since Boden is overweight and drinks and smokes excessively he was well aware of the danger of a heart failure and had reason to be concerned. This situation may well have been exploited by deceitful spirits. On August 4, 1982 I (Dr. Theo Locher) visited Determeyer*1 and Boden in Germany to orient himself more accurately and to receive more documentation.
Before the day of the announced death I assured Manfred Boden that a deceased friend would never frighten him like this and that therefore an impostor or deceptive spirit was behind it. He need not worry! After the death-date passed, Boden called me to say he was still alive. Judging by the shaken tone of Boden's voice, psychic pressure on him must have been considerable. I mention all this as a warning to experimenters who get involved in similar situations and who are looking for thrills.

from "Breakthroughs"

Sometimes lower spirits imitate the voice of reseachers on the other side.

On the morning of April 5 as I (Mark Macy) made breakfast I received a strange phone call which I captured on audiotape. The message, "This is Konstantin Raudive," was stated three times in bizarre, unsteady voices that seemed difficult to produce. After studying the message, I concluded that there were three possibilities:

  1. It was a prank by someone on Earth,
  2. It was a prank by someone in spirit, or
  3. It was a genuine attempt by our spirit colleagues to contact me through a contact field that was especially weak and fragile, causing the message to break up and sound rather bizarre.

So which was it? I posed the question to our spirit friends, and the answer came back to me the same day (via Station Luxembourg):

It was of course not K.R. who phoned Mark, but a negative entity from here (on the mid-astral plane) known as Afra. We cannot do anything against this as long as people like Weisensale and Koeberle are not stopped on your side. Unite your efforts and you will be strong. Avoid contact with, those on your side who do not knew where they belong.
Swejen Salter, 1996 April 5, 16:22

from "Contact!" 96/02

I'd better attach an explanation who are Weisensale and Koeberle. The following part was taken from same article.

An American named Bill Weisensale and a German named Fidelio Koeberle are among many experimenters around the world who have spent many years collecting and studying short, faint spirit voices on audiotape. What sets these two fellows apart from most ether established EVP researchers is that they cannot or will not accept the validity of the more advanced contacts being received today by ITC experimenters, and they issue newsletters, darkening many minds with negative thoughts. Weisensale, in particular, devoted an entire issue of his Spirit Voices newsletter to a scathing attack, personal as well as professional, against successful ITC experimenters in Europe, having never met them nor studied their work first-hand. Most EVP researchers are excited by the breakthroughs and are eager to learn more. Not Weisensale and Koeberle. Why?
I think it is not the role of INIT members to try to figure out the motivations of people like Weisensale and Koeberle, but to work together calmly with other open-minded researchers to explore this new phenomenon to its fullest and to carry spirit communication to its highest possible levels. Most of us have researched the field in enough depth to realize that the types of contacts being received by the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg are absolutely phenomenal. No one else has been getting paranormal phone calls, computerized images, long radio dialogs and FAXes on such a regular basis as these two experimenters. To the best of my knowledge, that is still true to this day. Most of us witnessed the Luxembourg experiments first-hand, and we are convinced of their legitimacy. All of us know discerning engineers and scientists who have witnessed the Luxembourg experiments and are likewise convinced of their legitimacy.

from "Contact!" 96/02

Here is one more considerable example.

In the winter of 1996, Dr Ralf Determeyer received a life-threatening phone call from a spirit impostor claiming to be Konstantin Raudive. His life was not really in danger, but the phone call was disruptive. To reduce such problems in the future, we researchers and our spirit colleagues agreed to try using a password during phone calls across dimensions. So upon e request of experimenter Jules Harsch, spirit group Timestream issued a password to the Luxembourg experimenters, who forwarded it to Dr Determeyer in a sealed envelope with instructions not to open it until needed .
A few days later on 1996 March 19, at 5:40 p.m., it was employed. Dr Guenter Emde of Pittenhart. Germany, received a phone call from Konstantin Raudive. Dr Raudive opened the conversation with a password and requested that Dr Emde contact Dr Determeyer later to verify. Dr Emde was unaware of the password at the time of the phone call from spirit colleague Raudive, but when he called Dr Determeyer that evening, Ralf opened the envelope, and the passwords matched.

from "Contact!" 96/02

Negative feelings can draw troubled spiritual beings to an experimenter, and the messages s/he will receive could not be trustworthy nor nerving, or even worse, the person's life could be badly disrupted. To minimize such bad possibilities, we should raise our viblation or frequency if we want to receive highly reliable, convincing messages from the beyond. Here is a list from "Conversations Beyond the Light" which tells us what influences our frequency.

Factors that raise the frequency or our astral body

  1. Love
  2. Compassion
  3. Service to others
  4. An air of calm detachment
  5. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables
  6. Drinking pure water and breathing clean air
  7. A realistic concept of spiritual existence

Factors that lower our vibration or frequency

  1. Fear
  2. Hatred
  3. Resentment
  4. Egotism and selfishness
  5. Attachment to worldly things
  6. Using alcohol, tobacco and drugs regularly
  7. Eating "heavy" foods such as red meat and fat
  8. Hurting other people or animals with malicious intent
  9. Spiritual ignorance or major misunderstanding

Still it might not enough if only an individual has quite high viblation. Even if a researcher has full of true love, negative people around the person easily attract spirit imposters.

Mark Macy

*1The Manfred Boden phenomena (paranormal phone calls and various computer contacts) were investigated by Prof Ernst Senkowski, Dr Ralf Determeyer and Guenter Heim who had a business degree. -back-

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