There weren't any good sites about this matter when I started this site. Now there are many good sites and I don't have enough time to translate my contents in English. So I feel my role has finished. The following contents will not updated.
I don't delete this contents rather keep it as a historical notes.

The Afterlife Room

Is there anyone who claims to see a spirit around you? You will be surprised to know about one in ten persons has such type of experience when you actually try to research. They are calm. Especially one who believes that s/he steadily had such experience, normally shut their mouth since s/he knows the reaction of others after s/he told their true story. Then, why does this experience happen? Does something by the name of a spirit exist?

Do you think spirits exist?

No way!---2004/1/13 update
I'm not sure...---2004/1/11 update
Well, maybe they exist. ---2004/12/25 update

Recommended Books ---2000/5/20 update

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