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If you can't take any reality of the afterlife unless the strict scientific authentication has done, this page is something for you. But please notice that it is not the goal at all to accept the existence of the afterlife. Everything will begin from that point, how we live, why we live, what we are ... etc.

On September 3rd 1998, Sonia, a Brazilian researcher, made the first experiment for recording images. These are the equipments used:

These set of equipments avoids the use of a TV Tube, so that people could NOT say that images could have come from any terrestrial TV-Station. Using the cathode-ray tube, it is impossible to attract any image emitted on Earth (from TVs Stations or Cable TVs) because the range of frequency is completely different. So, any images coming from the tube should have no risk of fake or terrestrial influence. That afternoon, Sonia recorded for one minute directly to the computer (from the tube to the PC via camera). There were more than 1,300 frames to be checked. The first selected frame seemed interesting: it was a Teddy Bear. And included the following story:

When Sonia perceived a face of a Teddy Bear in the image she thought it was something very strange. What could be the meaning of it? Later she noticed that they would have the meeting of their association after three days. She immediately understood it was addressed to some parents who would be present there and the picture would be a remembrance of any deceased son or daughter. At that same night she phoned the house where the meeting would happen and spoke to the owner of the house, Maria Inês. She lost her son Paulo in a car accident about two years ago. He was 19 years old. As Sonia was very happy with the first image arrived, she told it to Maria. Maria said: -"Don't tell me!!!" And Sonia felt she got very emoted. She said:

Incredable! Paulo earned a little Teddy Bear when he was one year old - and it was something very close to him all his life. Many many times I said to him "Paulo, let's give this old and ugly toy! It is dirty... , why do you want it?" But he NEVER allowed me to put away the old toy.

The most curious: Some days before the meeting, Maria Inês entered in Paulo's bedroom (still the same way as when he was alive, and saw the Teddy Bear. She got it in her hands and cried thinking and saying to Paulo -"Oh my son. if I could have some special sign from you!!!" And had a look in some objects he loved, keeping holding the Bear. The following day Sonia questioned who had sent the image and a female voice said: -"Foi um presente do Paulinho (= it was a present from Paulo)." The picture was shown in the meeting and offered to Maria Irês, and she showed the toy (the Teddy Bear) to all members.


To avoid that any person could imagine that the pictures are not real, they were sent to Dr. Alexandre Tornice, from postgraduate course at São Paulo University, who examined it and emitted an Official Declaration. He produced about 36 other images from the original, studying all mathematics posibilities. See some of those images. The picture was analyzed not isolated but in the whole sequence of Time. (Note: as the official declaration had too mary sentences and graphics, it has not been translated in English) This is just a copy from the conclusion:

Considering the equipment used, the way it was used, the sequence presented and analyzed etc., he concluded that the image came from: an intelligent source because it is meaningful but its origin is unknown to Science.

You can know more about Sonia's research by clicking here.

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