A multidimensional model of reality

We are told by our spirit colleagues that the multidimensinal reality visible from their realms is too complex to be described accurately in modern terms and concepts. The model on this page is not intended to give the full story, nor to threaten or replace any beliefs or theories which readers may already have. Its intent is only to help explain how ITC contacts are made. There are a number of problems with this paradibm, the main one being its inability to illustrate the interpenetration of all these various dimensions of levels of consciousness (the idea that they all exist in the same space). Also, boundaries in the model are arbitary; we are told there are many, many planes or levels within each dimensional region shown here. Nonetheless, we are told by our invisible colleagues that the model is reasonably accurate, given the limitations of our language.

The material dimensions with their galaxies, suns, and planets make up the outer fringes of the spiritual omniverse. The love and Light from the Source become dim here, so things become unpredictable, chaotic. Without a physical body in which to navigate, life in this realm can be quite unpleasant and dark. God, Allah or Brahman is the Source of everything throughout creation.This Source emits a pure, nonvibrating Light which begins to vibrate rapidly as it leaves the Source, then more slowly as it desperses, eventually manifesting as the dense, low-frequency matter and energies of the physical plane.

The cosmic plane is where a soul merges with all other souls in the Source, retaining its individuality while achieving complete oneness with all.
The celestial plane is the home of angels, masters and other divine beings who may or may not have experienced lifetimes in the physical worlds such as Earth.
The fifth, sixth and seventh levels (mental-causal plane) is where the spirit loses its human form and takes on a flame-like appearance. Reality here is created by thoughts of the residents, who include many of the Earth's late, great minds from the arts and sciences.
The second human level (lower astral plane) is often called the Interim, Hell, Hades or purgatory. It is a dark, dismal place that becomes home for people who have lost their spiritual way by becoming hopelessly attached to earthly things, harmful attitudes or hurtful behavior. The third level (mid-astral plane) is where most of us will wake up after we "die." It is a dream-like world that closely resembles the physical world in appearance and in the attitudes of its inhabitants. The fourth level (higher astral plane), called Heaven by Christians and the Summerland by Spiritualists, is a timeless paradise for those who have excelled spiritually on Earth.

from "Contact!" 96/01

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