Falcon Award Winners

- The Best Hardboiled Novel Award -

Falcon Award is Best Hardboiled Novel that Published in Japan.
Award is The Maltese Falcon Society in Japan(T.M.F.S) Members vote own Best.
T.M.F.S awarding a certificate of merit and "Falcon" sculpture made from Wood.
This Award Began from 1983.Each Year's Winner is listed on Under.

1983 Early Autumn by Robert B.Parker
1984 The Old Dick by L.A.Morse
1985 The Wrong Case by James Crumley
1986 Hammett by Joe Gores
1987 When The Sacred Ginmill Closes by Lawrence Block
1988 Hard Line by Michael Z.Lewin
1989 Strega by Andrew Vachss
1990 A Girl Who I Killed by Ryo Hara in Japanese Author
1991 'F' is for Fugitive by Sue Grafton
1992 A Ticket to the BONEYARD by Lawrence Block
1993 Book Case by Stephen Greenleaf
1994 A Cool Breeze on the Underground Don Winslow
1995 The Black Ice by Michael Connelly
1996 No Winner
1997 White Jazz by James Ellroy
1998 No Winner
1999 The Big Blowdown by George P. Pelecanos
2000 No Winner
2001 No Winner
2002 No Winner
2003 No Winner
2004 No Winner
2005 The Wrong Goodbye by Toshihiko Yahagi in Japanese Author
2006 Lost Light by Michael Connelly

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