Falcon Award 1991

No.1  ""F" is for Fugitive"  ( Sue Grafton )
No.2 "The Killer Inside Me" ( Jim Thompson )
No.3 "Black Dahlia" ( James Ellroy )
No.4 "So Zap" ( Itsura Inami By Japanese Author)
No.5 "Blue Belle" ( Andrew Vachss )
No.6 "Out on the Cutting Edge" ( Lawrence Block )
No.7 "An Infinite Number of Monkeys" ( Les Roberts )
No.7 "Sacrificial Ground" ( Thomas H.Cook )
No.7 "The Big Silence" ( Bernard Schopen )
No.7 "Black Cherry Blues" ( James Lee Burke )
No.7 "Freak" ( Michael Collins )

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