Falcon Award 2005

No.1 "The Wrong Goodbye" ( Toshihiko Yahagi )
No.2 "The Foolish Man Must Be Die" ( Ryo Hara )
No.3 "The Final Country" ( James Crumley )
No.4 "The Burnt Orange Heresy" ( Charles Willeford )
No.5 "Vengeance" ( Stuart M. Kaminsky )
No.6 "The Glass Hopper" ( Kotaro Isaka )
No.7 "Listen to the Silence" ( Marcia Muller )
No.8 "The Dark Fields" ( Alan Glynn )
No.8 "The Moles' Cage" ( Seamus Smyth )
No.10 "Chasing the Devil's Tail" ( David Fulmer )
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