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Suggestion for Sake menu

When you order some wine in restautant, ordering by bottle is usual. In this case, checking on the wine you order is done between you and a waiter by the label on the bottle. It must be a feeling-nervous moment to everybody.
I have felt, at overseas restaurants, many people order Japanese sake by bottle, checking a label on its bottle, having a feeling just like when they order wine. But I worry there is some problem about it. I wonder if many people don't understand what the labels mean because they are all written in Japanese only.
So I propose an example menu in English below. This kind of menu makes you be able to check the sake labels and gives you a better impression and more information about sake.
There are more and more local sake and high-quality sakes nowdays, but I afraid you don't get so much information about sake in restaurants in Japan except when there is a KIKIZAKESHI (refer what is KIKIZAKESHI) and he offers you a kind explanation. Anyway I think we need to think up better plans how to send message to foreign-language-speaking people.
Example of the suggested sake menu

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