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Tanrei-shu, a clean sake that has a light, refreshing texture and a clean
aftertaste, brings out the delicate flavor of Japanese food.

Sake is a particular alcohol.
The smallest variation in
temperature can create
complex and varied changes
in sake's fragrance and flavor.
Why not try sake?
Pour it into a glass, draw slowly close to your nose, then smell and taste it.
An elegant fragrance and a refined flavor with a pleasant texture will never disappoint you. It must be a wonderful experience that even high-quality wine can't give.
Good water
It rains and snows a lot in Niigata. The rain and snow waters
that fall in the mountains are filtered under the ground,
becoming into a clean subsoil water with less minerals, ideal
for creating characteristic Niigata sake that is delicate, clean,
and light.
Perfect natural envionment
In Niigata, its summer climate has a wide range of temperatures between night and days, which is suitable for producing quality sake rice. In winter, incessant falling snow purifies the air of the area and keeps the temperature low, helping sake to be brewed nicely.

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