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Sake pyramid strucure of production and consumption

Differences in high-quality sake and ordinary sake by indications.

p@r Indications Materials Polishing (Notes 1) Added alcohol
Junmai-daiginjyo Rice/Malted rice Below 50% Non
Junmai-ginjyo Below 60%
Daiginjyo Rice/Malted rice/Brewing alcohol Below 50% Yes
(sama as honjyozo)
Ginjyo Below 60%
Tokubetsu-junmai Rice/Malted rice Below 60% Non
Junmai Below 70%
Tokubetsu-honjyozo Rice/Malted rice/Brewing alcohol Below 60% Yes
(Notes 2)
Honjyozo Below 70%
n No specified indications Percentage of added alcohol is bigger than quality sake.
Using quality rice is not required.
Polishing percentage is not above mentioned.
Note 1: Using quality rice is required.
Note 2: Added alcohol is below 10% (95% if compare alcohol) against rice volume in the quality sake class which are Dainginjyo, Ginjyo, Tokubetsu-honjyo and Honjyozo.

Data from technical book of Sake.

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