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Acidity Sake Meter Value, and Taste Perceptions (4 type tastes)

The relation between acidity and sake meter value.
The acidity indicates the concentration of acid in a sake. If the acidity is higher, the sake will taste rich and more robust. On the other hand, the sake meter value shows the amount of residual sugar and alcohol in a sake. If the sake meter value is positive(+), it indicates less residual sugar and thus a drier sake. And if negative(-), it indicates the sake will be sweeter. In case the acidity is higher, however, even if the sake meter value is minus, it can give the impression that the sake is dry.
The chart above attempts to plot acidity levels and sake meter values to show how they can predict whether a sake will taste dry-heavy, dry-light, sweet-heavy, or sweet-light. But individual sake has its own unique flavor and how to interpret the taste depends to a large extent on the individual, for what is sllightly dry to one person may taste neutral or slightly sweet to another. So it is difficult to classify sake into the four groups according only to acidity levels and sake meter value. It is one of references.
Sake Meter Value
This scale provides a mathematical expression of the sweetness and dryness of sake, the perception of which can vary from one person to another. It is based on the relative density of sake compared to pure water at 4C. If the density is higher, a minus figure is designates; for lower density the figure is a plus. The sweeter the sake is, the heavier the density and the higher the minus number. The drier the sake is, the higher the plus number.
This indicates the volume of acid in a sake, such as succinic acid, malic acid and lactic acid. The higher the acidity, the richer and more robust the flavor will be. Even if the sake meter value is minus (indicating a sweet sake), a high acidity can give the impression that the sake is dry. Generally, the average aciduty is 1.0 to 1.8. The tartness unique to sake is different from sourness of citrus fruits and it has a rich flavor.

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