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KIKIZAKESHI is not like a sommelier who is a specialist of wine and guess where the wine came from. KIKIZAKESHI is a specialist for choosing best sake for dishes or food matching and can explain about fragrance and taste gently to restaurant customers, restaurant staff or liquor store.
KIKIZAKESHI is a name of qualification which is approved by Sake Service Institute, Inc in Japan.
How to acquire the qualification?
Firstly, it is necessary to atend several days of lecture which is arranged by the by the Food & Beverage Specialists Organization (NPO Corporation) in Tokyo.
After almost one month of attending lecture, one needs to take an examination (am9:00-pm2:00) which is also arranged by the organization.
The details of the examination are divided into four parts. The first part is writing about "Basic knowledge" on beverage and food which are necessary to become professional.
The second part is writing about knowledge on Sake.
The third part is testing and expression about fragrances, tastes and suggestions for different drinking scenes as well as seasons. Lastly, the final part is an oral examination with the examiner about basic knowledge and services.
Acquiring the qualification seems to be difficult basing on above description but it is not really that difficult as it seems. Studying for one month is enough to pass an examination.
I personally thought that the study is not only for passing an exam but it's also good to enhance or further my knowledge as a professional.

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