Chiropractic in Japan



Various aspects of Chiropractic are explained. Fundamental principle, history, main treatment systems, education, peculiar situation in Japan, and the way of avoiding immature & dangerous chiropractors in Japan: are described.


A guide for your health

Chiropractors will improve your potential healing ability which you have by nature, and which will improve total function of your body to be balanced.

These words are only true of the cases treated by skilled chiropractor. At present, there is no legal basis for Chiropractic or Chropractors in Japan. And many wicked chiropractic schools or immature chiropractors can do their business with impunity in Japan. Actually, immature chiropractors are occupying an overwhelming majority in Japan, then this page will offer guidelines leading you to avoid mistakes by these low level chiropractors or by vicious quackeries. Next, this page offers you accurate information about chiropractic(especially in Japan).

In Japan, there are many schools of chiropractic and schools of spinal manipulation advertising that anyone can master techniques in a short term. The graduates of these schools may cause a serious mistake or a severe injury, and people must pay attention for such quackeries particulary in Japan.

Don't be deceived by attractive advertisements or showy signs of any chiropractic clinic or any chiropractic school for the patients as well as persons who are trying to study chiropractic in the future.

The unskilled chiropractor would like to put up a showy sign!

The catch phrase above is the conclusion from the web master's experience who have been visited many orthopedics or therapists for 10 years or more due to the obstinate lumbago. The one who is searching therapist should remember these words.


Overview of Chiropractic
  1. What is Chiropractic?
   2. History of Chiropractic
    3. Philosophy of Chiropractic
     4. Main Ajustment systems(Techniques)
      5. Education
       6. Peculiar situation in Japan
For Patients
  Which clinic should you visit?
    Low back pain
      Lumbar Disk Herniation
       Direction of the vertebral displacement
        Free chiropractic care in Kobe
For Chiropractors
    Seminars held in Japan
     Japanese Text books
      Research supporting Chiropractic
Other Topics
      Plagiariasm Site
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