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My site contents is stolen! It's perfectly outrageous! Then, I'll show stolen examples in this page.

This site has been 10 years since setup, the administrator notice sometimes that a part of this site contents is used in other chiropractic site without auther's permission.

The administrator doesn't search desperately for stolen sites, but when discovered, it will be reported in this page.

Linked site is a stolen contents from my site, but it may be modefied now, or may be moved to other provider.

If you can understand Japanese, you may find more plagiarism sites. Japanese Plagiarism Site


¡ùHands-on-Healing Chiropractic
* Discover Date : 03.09.23
* URL ¡§
* Plagiarism page : What is Chiropractic
* URL¡§
* Stolen page : "¡ø1¡§What is Chiropractic" from "Overview of Chiropractic"

¡ùAngel Chiropractic
* Discover Date : 03.09.23
* URL :
* Plagiarism page : History
* URL :
* Stolen Page : ¡ø2¡§History of Chiropractic &
¡ø4¡§Main Adjustment Systems(Techniques)
from "Overview of Chiropractic"
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