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photo by Kohji Fukunaga (Studio Epoque)

Hwang Ung-Do,
The Chronicle of his Perdue


“Hwang Ung-Do, The Chronicle of his Perdue” depicts a man’s epic journey, full of his dreams and love. The story is set in World War Two, when few people tried to exchange visits between Korea and Japan, in that turbulent period. Hwang Ung-Do was one of those who risked his life for revolution and the exchange of art. Though he was at the mercy of the history, Hwang Ung-Do resisted it and handed on the spirit of the genuine Korean traditional art, both in Korea and Japan, to implore the importance of dreams and love. This is another true history which has never been announced by the authorities nor the military. Through portraying Hwang Ung-Do, this performance aims to highlight the history built by the resonance of individuals and their will. This epic drama will be told by Taihen’s abstract physical performance, combining beautiful Korean traditional music, and specific art sets and props, aiming to mix abstract and concrete. New Endeavor of Taihen – Korean Traditional Art & Taihen Though Taihen’s physical art has been thought of as abstract expression, we will try, for the first time, in this performance to blend the essence of Korean traditional art. As it is described with the expression “squeezed from inner organs,” Korean traditional art is the art of the soul. On the other hand, Taihen also has pursued the movements of the soul, beyond dance form or choreography. For Taihen’s artistic director Manri Kim, who has the sense of Korean traditional art in her blood, Korean traditional art and her Taihen art are not opposites, but have the same origin. We will show you movement created by soul and body, with Korean traditional rhythm and colors.