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Performance Troupe TAIHEN presents

Lungta – Good wind may blow!

written & directed by Manri Kim


March 11 (Fri) start 7:00 pm
          12 (Sat) start 1:00 pm** and 7:00 pm
          13 (Sun) start 1:00 pm
Ticketing: 60 minutes before the start
Entering: 30 minutes before the start
** After talk by KIM Manri and TAGUCHI Randy http://www.randy.jp/
Za-Koenji 1
  (20102, Koenji Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo)
   tel: +81 6-6451-6573
Advance (General seating, Date and time confirmed) :
     adult: 4,000yen
     Student: 3,000yen, elderly : 3,500yen

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About Performance Troupe TAIHEN

Since the launch in 1983, the Performance Troupe TAIHEN has performed with the following concept advocated by KIM Manri as the founder of the company; “by turning disabilities into the power of expression by the disabled themselves, un-explored beauty can be created.” The company has gained a good reputation for its art. It is one of those theater companies that have the longest career in performance.

The theme of the company has consistently rested with the physical expression by disabled persons, that could drastically change the philosophy based on the concept of eugenics. If not, the company believes that the art means nothing. It aims at physical expression on the stage to challenge the existing value placed on human body.

While TAIHEN has been a theater company since the launch, it has performed with no lines. Some perform while standing, and others do so while throwing themselves on the floor and crawling or rolling.

Since 1992 when the company was invited to perform in Kenya as its first performance abroad, it has performed in Edinburgh, Berne, Berlin, Stuttgart, and Korea.

The company has also participated in the Art Festival of the Cultural Affairs Agency of the government.