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LabVIEW-- I found LabVIEW2 when I was lookng for a computer-based measurement tool and I was very excited in the concept of graphical language. After then, wiring in LabVIEW has been my good past time in the weekend.

Archived VIs--Some VIs are archived in Info-lv ftp site. If you happen to use them, please send me your comments on them.

Buckwheat noodle--Buckwheat noodle is one of my favorite Japanese food called "Soba". There are many good Soba restaurant around my living place. Sometimes I make noodle by myself and enjoy the scent of buckwheat.

Kayak--On the sunny day in May, I drives to the Lakes around Mt. Fuji and spent one day on the lake with my kayak. Assembling and Disassembling a French holding kayak is the good sports for me.

Mac--I am an over 10 years long Mac freak. Wishing Apple to provide a easy-to-use personal computer taking advantages of high performance CPU.

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Because it is a fact that an engineer in a organization has not a freedom to choose his prefered platform, I am also a customer of Mr. Gates. Thanks to the big charm of LabVIEW - platform independent programing environment -, I can bear up to be a Windows user except installing procedure of LabVIEW. Especially an installation to a Laptop PC is a kind of gamble for me. This is not a fault of LabVIEW, but I wish NI improves diagnostic program until when Linux gets popular even in enterprises. I know 98-Japanese domestic kingdom in Japan had ruined. Someday it will happen on...

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