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Last update day April 03, 2007

block01.jpg (44635 ƒoƒCƒg)

Sub-Surface Scattering Plug in


block02.jpg (28571 ƒoƒCƒg)

About this plug in.

This is a Lightwave Layout plug-in that uses its own raytracing algorithms to render objects made of permeable materials.
It can produce many effects including Sub-surface Scattering.

Due to the fact that this plug-in uses its own raytracing algorithms there are some problems with Lightwaves own radiosity.
There is also the problem that other plug-ins that perform their own raytracing may not function with this plug-in.

Plug in name
OGO_Hikari (well, hikari is Japanese for "light" so there you go!)

Main function list
1. Sub-Surface Scattering.
2. Chromatic aberration in refraction.
3. Raytraced colour aberations based on the thickness of transparent surfaces.
4. Caustics per surface. (can use it for soft shadow)
5. Radiosity per surface.
6. New/unique specular algorithm.
7. Simple fresnel.
8. Soft reflection.
9. Soft refraction.
10. UV map based normal ray displacement.
11. Diffusion curve adjustment.
12. Transparency amout of undercoat of fuzzy materials (woolen sweater for example).
13. Designation of a color in a ray trace limit.
14.Multilayered specular.
15.Volumetric texture.
16.Three kinds of special light of OGO_Hikari exclusive use.

1. Default parameters result in a normal render as if rendered with Lightwave's raytracing light wave oneself.
2. Ability to preview most functions in modeler (as well as of course layout).
3. Even some settings that would not mormally be physically acceptable in the real world can be achieved.
4. The plug-in panel is devided into groups which can be ignored or used as required making quick adjustments easy.

Future plan
Writing of a manual with hints and tips (this is going to be a lot of work!)
Start porting to the Mac.

Panel image

A panel image and rough explanation (for Version 1.13)
Added brief description of the parameters.

File download
download from here (the latest version is 1.30b)
The plug-in, presets and sample scene files can be downloaded.

License Purchase (a 1 license is $30)
purchase of a license from here
Paypal and bank transfer are usable in payment.

Basics knowledge
Information on the basis of a past question

Please e-mail your comments and questions to me here.
!!Please use plain and simple English!!


Beta release plugin "OGO_Taiki"
Uploaded a version (1.25B).

Samples for version 1.24.

gra_spec.jpg (13700 ???)


gra_spec1.jpg (8232 ???)


gra_spec2.jpg (10018 ???)


Strange speculars.
spec_preset.jpg (19696 ???)

OGO_Kougen sample data

Object light


Object_light.jpg (22041 ???)
Add OGO_Kougen of a custom object to an object to use as a light source, and set a parameter of Object_light.

By the technique that resembled radiosity, can use an arbitrary object as a light source.

Even radiosity can get a result almost same as this image, but time of rendering is necessary for several times in order to get a result of the same quality.

Cannot verify that influence of this light by a preview of a surface editor.


Vertex light


Vertex_light.jpg (20707 ???)
Add OGO_Kougen of a custom object to an object to use as a light source, and set a parameter of Vertex_light.

Be material to use it in the purpose that resembled an object light, but assign a point light to a vertex of an object, and process it.
There is a little occurrence of a rendering noise when compares it with an object light.

But please try to give numerical value of Fuzzy because shadow of an individual vertex light with a few vertex number has been divided clearly when it is inconvenient.
In that case, a rendering noise of a certain level occurs.


Particle light

Kougen\Particle.lws or Kougen\Particle_for6.lws

Particle_light.jpg (32289 ???)
Add OGO_Kougen of particle and a custom object to a Null object to use as a light source, and set a parameter of Particle_light.

Add a point light to particle.

When expresses fireworks, be convenient.


Object_light & Vertex_light


Object_light & Vertex_light
ov1.jpg (23987 ƒoƒCƒg)

Vertex_light only
ov2.jpg (12274 ƒoƒCƒg)

Object_light only
ov3.jpg (12274 ƒoƒCƒg)
"Object_light" illuminates it as an area light of a round, and "Vertex_light" illuminates it as a linear light of a ring.


Comparison of radiosity (1)

Radiosity of LightWave


Radiosity of OGO_Hikari


Radiosity_lw.jpg (12315 ???) Radiosity_oh.jpg (12550 ???)
not used Shading noise reduction.

Use Fast Fresnel plugin for an object of the left, and use a area light for a soft shadow.
[Shading noise reduction] is off?
[Intaraction mode] is Low interaction.
[Specular calculate] is off.
Apply Simple Fransel to an object of the left, and use Caustics(OGO_Hikari) for a soft shadow.

Comparison of radiosity (2)

Radiosity of LightWave 2


Radiosity of OGO_Hikari 2


Radiosity_lw2.jpg (12184 ???) Radiosity_oh2.jpg (12305 ???)
not used Shading noise reduction.

Radiosity of LightWave does not process many nexts radiation.

!See a part of shadow.
[Shading noise reduction] is off
[Intaraction mode] is Ragular interaction.
[Specular calculate] is off.

OGO_Hikari processes many nexts radiation if uses Ragular interaction or High interaction.

Radiosity and specular

Radiosity of OGO_Hikari 3


Radiosity of OGO_Hikari 3

radiosity_oh3.lws in

Radiosity_oh3.jpg (13820 ???) Radiosity_oh3n.jpg (56099 ???)
[Shading noise reduction] is on.
[Interaction mode] is Low interaction.
[Specular calculate] is on.

Calculate specular on radiosity light when does Specular caliculate in on.
Be the images which did rendering with a file the same as the basically left image, but adjust setting of noise reduction to version 1.22, and be changed.

Because improved algorithm of noise reduction of version 1.22, both picture and rendering speed was improved.

A method to combine radiosity of LightWave and OGO_Hikari

Radiosity of LightWave &
Radiosity of OGO_Hikari


Radiosity_lw-oh.jpg (12414 ???)
When combines OGO_Hikari and radiosity of LightWave and wants to use it, please use Non intaraction or Environment only by all means.
In addition, there is the need that [Disable auto indirect] in "Trouble shoot" becomes on.
Raise crash whether processing speed becomes slow by setting except it.

Caustics and OGO_Hikari

A combination of
caustics of LightWave and


Caustics of OGO_Hikari


caustics_lw.jpg (24216 ???) caustics_oh.jpg (24688 ???)
When combines OGO_Hikari and caustics of LightWave and wants to use it, there is the need that [Disable auto indirect] in "Trouble shoot" becomes on. Process a soft shadow by a function of Caustics.

Control Soft reflection with texture


softrefraction.jpg (56967 ???)
[Link to grossiness] is on.

Can express mirrors clouded with partially if lets a value of grossiness change with texture.


The scene for comparison of surface setting of a transparent object


refraction.jpg (72837 ???)


Super-high-speed fake SSS


fakeSSS.jpg (25722 ???)
Let a range of Translucency intersect Diffuse.

Do self shadow in off, and must set it to do fall off of a light.


Animation of SkyTracer 2


anim_cloud.jpg (31772 ???)
Be the examples which let uses procedure plug-in OGO_Waves making a simple traveling-wave and do animation of a cloud.

Rendering is not made in 6.5 B.


Animation of the cloud which used OGO_Hikari


cloud.jpg (40295 ???)
Be the examples which let this uses procedure plugin OGO_Waves making a simple traveling-wave and do animation of a cloud.
A cloud uses volumetric texture of OGO_Hikari, and prepare it.
Even 6.5 B can make rendering be this scene, but LightWave crashes by considerable establishment if will save an object of a cloud.


Animation of the surface of the sea


sea.jpg (32125 ???)
Use OGO_Waves for a bump map.
Use Soft reflection which controlled in structure on the water besides it.


Rendering Tests
(All times are on a P-III/1GHz)

Example 1 of  volumetric texture
volumetric1.jpg (18984 ???)

Example 2 of  volumetric texture
volumetric2.jpg (19201 ???)

Example of skin (There is this sample scene on a download page.)
Be simple models, but contain the skull inside.
simple_head.jpg (16061 ???)
Rendering time about 90 seconds

Example 1 of  layered specular (There is this sample scene on a download page.)
new_spec0.jpg (24825 ???)
Rendering time about 15 seconds
Movie (MPEG)

Example 2 of  layered specular (There is this sample scene on a download page.)
new_spec1.jpg (22920 ???)
Rendering time about 10 seconds
Movie (MPEG)

Click here to see test renders of a second, smaller object within a larger, outer object.

Click here to other result.