Download of OGO_Hikari

General precautions
1. Because this plug-in is ray tracing plug-in, be sure to enable the reflection and refraction ray tracing options.
(Its also a good idea to enable raytraced shadows too)

2. When using solid color and SSS, the overall look of the material changes by its "real" size so be sure to adjust the preview size prior to making adjustments to the settings.
In addition there is also the need to adjust the "Standrd distance" with an envelope to take into account any animated scaling or sizing of the surfaced object. This is also true if using SSS and "Inside depth".

3. There are some limitations when both sides of an object are surfaced with SSS (increased render times or use of texture).
Please try to limit the use of this plugin to objects using the traditional glass trick of an inside and outside surface with the normals facing in oposite directions.

Demo version limitations
The plugin is fully functional until the fixed date shown in the "Key code" window.
When this date has past, editing of parameters becomes impossible.
In order to edit surfaces made with an expired demo version one must obtain a key code.
So for the current demo version editing is possible until December 31, 2001.

In the case of a subsequent demo version (say until January 31, 2002) one will be able to render but not edit surfaces made with a previous version.

About Ver.1.16
Modified it to save a license key in Windows directory.
Add a volumetric texture function.
Unify a panel design of LW6.5b and LW7.0b.
Add an option to prevent a speed fall when it combined coustics and area light of the LW main body.(Disable auto indirect/Trouble shoot/Group-4)

About Ver.1.20
Add two pixel filters of OGO_NoiseReduction and OGO_BufferRecover newly.
Quality and a function of radiosity improved.
Quality of caustics improved.
A change of a panel design of specular part.
Add a parameter to diffuse part.
Fix a bug of volumetric texture, and be addition of a parameter.

About Ver.1.22
Improvement of algorithm of OGO_NoiseReduction.
Made the handling of an ambient light in radiosity processing the same as the LW main body.
Add three kinds of lighting methods of OGO_Hikari exclusive use newly.(OGO_Kougen of a custom object)

About Ver.1.22B
There was not the problem that occurred when used Caustics of OGO_Hikari for a point light(or, spotlight) in shut air space.
When used Caustics of OGO_Hikari for simple soft shadow, there was not the problem that occurred when there was the surface which did not assign a course of a ray OGO_Hikari.

About Ver.1.24
Texture became usable in several parameters.
Fixed a bug of axis control of specular.

About Ver.1.24c
Fixed a bug of multithread.

About Ver.1.24d
Optimization for multithread was done than version 1.24c.

About Ver.1.25
Can save a parameter of image texture normally.

About Ver.1.26b
Fixed a bug of volumetrc coordinate processing.
Added new parameter and new algorithm "Lights tracking" to SSS.

About Ver.1.28
I improved it to operate on LW8.
I added inside plugin to cooperate with OGO_Taiki.

About Ver.1.28b
Improvement of calculation precision.

About Ver.1.29
Fixed a bug of multithread.

About Ver.1.29b
Speed up.

About Ver.1.30
Supported LW9, but be incomplete.

About Ver.1.30b
Corrected the problem that occurred with version 1.30.

The problems that are known at present

LW crashes when uses a procedure to have an item of "Noise Type" or OGO_Waves for volumetric texture in LW6.5B when executed a save of an object or a copy of shader.
There is a cause of this problem in LW6.5B side.
(this problem does not occur in LW7.x and LW8.x.)
User of LW6.5B please warn it.

Other items
Please use this plugin at your own risk! I cannot be held responsible for any data loss or other similar trouble through the use of this plugin. After all this is planned to be Shareware.

The current build is fully functional until June 30, 2007.
Download the plugin file ( Ver.1.30b (for 6.5B,7.x,8.x and 9.0,multithread version)
Please download and enjoy the plugins. Extract to a suitable folder and load the plugin as you would any other.

Download preset files (
Download specular preset files ( you will need ver.1.24 or higher.
Extract to the Lightwave's "Presets\Surface Editor\Surface Preset" folder.

Download sample scene and object files (
Download more sample scene and object files ( you will need ver.1.11 or higher for "Block_scene"
Download skin sample scene and object files ( you will need ver.1.14 or higher for "Skin_scene"(Added a sample of high quality.)
Download layered-specular sample scene and object files ( you will need ver.1.13 or higher for "Spec_scene"
Download volumetric-texture sample scene and object files ( you will need ver.1.16 or higher for "Volumetric"
Download radiosity and more sample scene and object files ( you will need ver.1.20 or higher for "Radiosity_etc"

Download all sample files which adjusted for Ver.1.22 ( you will need ver.1.22 or higher for "Hikari_samples"

Download specular sample files for Ver.1.24 ( you will need ver.1.24 or higher for ""

Procedure plugin (free)
Sample data of OGO_Waves(

Please extract to a suitable folder and enjoy!

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