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"Universal volumetric atmoshere plug-in"

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This is a Volumetric plug-in for the atmospheric compilation which seriously considered general purpose.
Form of release becomes the shareware, but because it is the intention of making OGO_Hikari and the license key common, being free, to use it can do the person who already has the license. (Individual license processing is difficult)

In order to make the plug in which can draw up all view finally, it is the intention various support plug in of preparing.

Download of beta edition(ver.1.25B)
* As for complete compatibility of completion edition the point and the bug which cannot be guaranteed and the point where there is a function of not yet mounting, furthermore the manual still please uses the point which is not in regard to understanding.

Rendering results of included samples.

New image and movies.

Movie Updated. (September 28)

A cumulonimbus with a particle.


Using the Volumetric plug-in in progress, these pictures and movies were created.

These 3 pictures have identical settings, other than the light direction.
When being maximum, to have the atmospheric element of 8 layers it can do this plug in it is this sample,
The picture consists of the layer of four extremely standard elements "of air" "low cloud" "Altostratus" "haze".
However it is different from SkyTracer2 and the like, since each layer is not individual and has parameters in common.

Topography for this was made using Newtek's Tutorial.
Taiki0.jpg (80024 bytes)

Taiki1.jpg (119039 bytes)

Taiki2.jpg (105241 bytes)


View from stratosphere
This picture uses the same settings as the picture above, but the topographical object was deleted.
As point of view altitude rises, the horizon keeps becoming round.
Taiki3.jpg (212721 bytes)

Taiki4.jpg (179557 bytes)


This picture was created by using "Air Refraction."
It is refracted by the air simulation.
Air0.jpg (46350 bytes)

Air1.jpg (53703 bytes)


Test 1 of surface mode
Surface Mode was included to use as a simple topographical function.
Land1.jpg (80351 bytes)

Test 2 of surface mode
Land2.jpg (122289 bytes)

Test 3 of surface mode
Land3.jpg (142924 bytes)

Land4.jpg (76518 bytes)

Land5.jpg (102150 bytes)




Other pictures 1
Other pictures 2
Other pictures 3 (surface mode)

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