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DAR ES SALAAM (Jan. 27) XINHUA - The opposition Tanzanian Civic United Front (CUF) has urged Zanzibar President Dr.Salmin Amour to resign in order to ease political tension in the Isles.
The official "Daily News" today quoted the CUf presidential candidate in the last October general elections, Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba, as saying that Dr. Amour was "the cause of the problems" in Zanzibar.
The CUF spokesman asked Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa to advise Dr. Amour to step down.
But President Mkapa told newsmen in Dar es Salaam last week Dr. Amour was the legitimate president and his election victory, once announced by the Zanzibar Electoral Commission, could not be challenged.
Cuf Vice-Chairman, Mr. Seif Sariff Hamad and Secretary General Mr. Shaaban Mloo, has been insisting on their demand for Dr. Amour's resignition.
They have written to President Mkapa and ruling Revolutionary Party (CCM) Secretary General, Mr. Lawrence Gama, respectively but have not yet received an answer, according to the newspaper
In last October general elections, Dr. Amour was re-elected the President of Zanzibar. However, CUF refused to recognized the results of the election, saying that "the election has been rigged".
DAR ES SALAAM (Jan. 27) XINHUA - A veteran Zanzibari journalist, Mr.Salim Said Salim, has been banned from writing because of the alleged anti-government propaganda, Radio Tanzania Zanzibar announced today.
Mr. Salim, 49, was accused of disrupting peace and national unity in Zanzibar, where his license expired on December 31, 1994, the radio quoted a local government statement as saying.
The ban is another action taken in a week by the Zanzibar government against the anti-government propaganda.
Last Wednesday, the Zanzibar government banned circulation of the Privatedly owned Kiswahili daily Majira (Times) in the Isles, accusing the tabloid of carrying anti-government articles.
Several University of Dar es Salaam lecturers have called for an emergency debate in the Union parliament to resolve the Zanzibar crisis. They said in various Press statements that the looming crisis on the Islands threaten peace and security.
Professor Haoub Othman who hails from Zanzibar and heads the Institute of Development Studies, said there was need for Tanzania to have a unity government to prevent anarchy and chaos breaking out in Zanzibar.
Professor Rwekaza Mukandala of the Department of political Science said Tanzania's major problem is now within Zanzibar.
He said the Union government must take action to pre-empt an uprising.
"The post election crisis has taught us that the major political problem is historical division between the islands of Ugunja and Pemba.
The roots of such division were created in the colonail era and were carried over in the past 31 years of single party politics," said the professor who heads the political science department.
According to Mukandala, President Salmin Amour of Zanzibar did not help the situation at all by his refusal to form a government of national unity.
"President Amour needed to have taken confidence-building measures to accomodate the interests of the people from the island of Pemba.
He was simply obliged to pick some ministers from the opposition CUF, which overwhelmingly represents the majority wish of the people of that island," said the professor
He said compromise was the only way out.
The CUF swept all the parliamentary seats on Pemba island.
If Amour does not want compromise, he should be compelled by the ruling party, CCM.
Another Varsity don, Professor Sospeter Muhongo called for a government of national unity with CCM taking 60 per cent of the cabinet posts and CUF 40 percent.

President Salmin Amour of Zanzibar admitted over the week-end that Zanzibaris are today poorer than they were before the 1964 revolution.
Addresing a rally at the climax of celebrations marking the 32nd anniversary of the revolution, Amour said most Zanzibaris leave below the poverty line. Living standards had fallen drastically in the past decades.
He said farmers cannot expand their activities because of the shortage of arable land. He pledged to carry out programmes to improve the lot of the people, especially in literacy, provision of better housing and clean water.

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