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DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (Reuter) Nov.23By Matt Bigg
Tanzania's newly elected president, the third since the independence of the East African country in 1961, was sworn in Thursday, at a ceremony attended by tens of thousands of people.
At the National Stadium in the Tanzanian capital, Dar Es Salaam, Benjamin William Mkapa, 57, was declared president Wednesday after he won 61.8 percent of the vote in presidential elections.
Mkapa took his oath of office, administered by the Chief Justice Francis Nyalali, in the presence of his predecessor Ali Hassan Mwinyi, who had ruled the impoverished country since 1985, and founding president Julius Nyerere.
Neighboring Presidents Daniel arap Moi of Kenya and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda were also there.
Taking the oath of office, Mkapa said, ''I promise to uphold the constitution in fairness to all Tanzanians.''
After the oath, Mkapa was hugged by Mwinyi and was presented with a ceremonial shield and spear. Mwinyi's aide-de-camp then immediately moved to take his position behind the new leader.
Mkapa inspected a guard of honor of the Tanzania Peoples' Defense Forces, followed by a 21-gun salute in his new role as commander-in-chief of the armed forces.
Throughout the hourlong ceremony, Mkapa, wearing a dark suit and blue shirt, remained entirely impassive, ''almost bored, like he was on another planet,'' a witness at the stadium said.
In a gesture of East African friendship before the ceremony, Kenya's Moi shook hands briefly with Uganda's Museveni, prompting cheers from the crowd. The two leaders have traded accusations in recent months over alleged border violations.
But the loudest applause was for Nyerere, who raised his trademark club to the crowd as he left the National Stadium.
The ceremony marked the end of an entirely peaceful transition to multiparty democracy for Tanzania as a whole after 30 years of one-party rule.
Chief opposition leader Augustine Mrema of the NCCR-Mageuzi party and his opposition colleagues were not at the ceremony.
Despite fighting a tough election campaign, the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM-Party for the Revolution) managed to retain the presidency and won a landslide majority in parliament.
Most of the supporters who thronged the grounds were CCM devotees wearing the party's green and yellow shirts and were celebrating both a change of leader and an election victory.
''I am happy today. It has been a great election and there have been no problems, despite what some people say. I have always loved CCM,'' said Molly Mageni, a businesswoman.
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DAR ES SALAAM,Same day another source
THE National Electoral commission yesterday declared Mr.Benjamin William Mkapa(57) the successor to president Mwinyi after scooping 61.8 percent of 6,846,681 votes cast during last months multi-party general elections.Announcing the presidential election results at the Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar es salaam,the chairman of electoral commission,Justice Lewis Makame,also declared Mr.Mkapa's running mate from Zanzibar,Dr.Omar Ali Juma,Union Vice-President. Justice Makame said Mr.Mkapa CCM Presidential candidate got 4,026,422 votes out of the 6,846,681 votes cast followed by NCCR-mageuzi Presidential Candidate,Mr.Augustine Lyatonga Mrema,who scooped 1,808,616 votes(=27.8%) of the votes cast.
The chairman said the CUF union(Tanzania) Presidential Candidate,Professor Ibrahim Lipumba,got 418,973 votes equivalent to 6.4 per-cent and UDP Presidential Candidate,Mr.John Cheyo,pocketed 258,734 votes which is 4.0 per cent of the votes cast.
Justice Makame said 333,936 votes were spoilt.This was 4.9 per cent of the votes.The chairman explained that a total of 8,929,969 eligible voters regestered to exercise their democratic right but only 6,846,681 of them voted which was equivalent to 76.7 per cent of the regestered votes.
The NCCR- mageuzi,CUF and UDP defeated Presidential candidates were supposed to attend the historic ceremony but they did not turn up. The NEW union PRESIDENT Mr.Benjami Mkapa his Vice,were sworn in to day as leaders in the third phase since the birth of the union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964.The ceremony which took place at the National Stadium in Dar es salaam was attended also by President Moi of Kenya and Museveni of Uganda.  
DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (Reuter) Nov.21By Matt Bigg

Some of Tanzania's main Western donors strongly criticized Tuesday presidentiial elections on the islands of Zanzibar four weeks ago won by the ruling party.
In a statement, 10 of the 17 main donor countries gave the most outright foreign criticism yet of the election four weeks after presidential and parliamentary elections on Zanzibar on Oct. 22.
''Given the narrow margin between the presidential candidates the results of the presidential election declared by the Zanzibar Electoral Commission may be inaccurate,'' the statement said.
It also cited ''an atmosphere of intimidation'' in the runup to the parliamentary and presidential elections and ''serious discrepancies in the compilation of results for the presidency.''
Incumbent Salmin Amour won the presidential election in Zanzibar by polling 165,271 votes against 163,706 for Seif Shariff Hamad, candidate of the opposition Civic United Front.
The opposition said the vote counting was rigged by Amour's ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM-Party for the Revolution).
The donors did not say whether they intended to act on their complaints but they paid up to $20 million for polls in Zanzibar and Tanzania and their criticism could hit future foreign aid.
In a separate statement on polls in mainland Tanzania, the same donors noted ''poor organization'' particularly in Dar es Salaam but commended all parties for taking part on Oct. 29.
''Donors believe that outcome of the elections fairly reflects the aspirations of a majority of Tanzanian donors,'' said the statement, based on observations by monitoring groups.
The announcement of the final result of the Tanzanian presidential election were delayed again Tuesday and will not be announced until Wednesday, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) said.
But Benjamin Mkapa of CCM had won the presidency, results showed. The ruling party also won by a landslide in parliament.
Tanzania voted on October 29 in the first multiparty general elections in the country's history but elections in the capital Dar es Salaam were cancelled and rerun last Sunday amid low voter turnout.
Three opposition candidates for the presidency boycotted the Dar es Salaam rerun, saying that they could not trust the NEC.
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