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You can make your own original music with the Automated Composing System. All you have to do is select music style. 

What is Automated Composing System for Mac?

Push button then you can compose!
With setting several parameters, you can make your own tune automatically. The generated MIDI files can be used for back ground music of home pages and original games. For example, you want to have slow music, select music box for music style and click compose button!
Many genres and categories! 
 The Automated Composing System generates Ethnic Music such as Okinawa music (Japan Traditional), Scotland music and Andes music, Gamelan music as well as Western pops and Classical Music. (If you are interested in Okinawa music, Scotland music, or Andes music, go to "Ethnic Music Room" of this site.) It also generates Game music that can be used for BGM of video games. Even though this program does not generate a good tune, you can get some idea for your composition.
Who needs this program?  
(1) A person who want to have music for home page.
(2) A person who want to have music for original game.
A person who want to listen to various kind of music.

Download is here!

 This is Freeware!
If you have not installed midi component of QuickTime, please install QuickTime again with full option. (The midi component is not installed for default installation.)
System requirements are
(1)96MB Memory 
(2)QuickTime 4.0 or later
Even your PC satisfies requirement, you may not be able to use the program. In that case do not use the program, and email me!
Extract file with StuffItExpander version 5.12 or later 
Automated Composing System for Mac
Version 1.35
Last Update?@2000/8/24 Next Update 200X/X/X
Download(SIT) ??.?k


1)Double click acm10. 
2)Menu bar appears. 
3)Select one of music style. 
4)Mymidi00.mid (SMF) is created in the folder and you listened to the created music. 
If the sound does not come... 
If you do not select midi function when you install QuickTime, you will not have sound. Please install QuickTime again. (Default installation does not include midi function.)


 People who want to know algorithmic composition ...
If you want to know about algorithmic composition and mechanism of this program, click here!
 People who want to develop algorithmic composition software ...
Back numbers of DTM magazine include articles about how to develop algorithmic composition software. (CodeWarrior) DTM magazine is in Japanese, sorry.
 People who want to make midi file for home page back ground music ...
If you want to have back ground music for your home page, click here!
 People who want to listen to sample music from automated composing system ...
Sample music from automated composing system is here!
 People who needs better sound ...
If you use internal software sound generator, and feel needing better sound, think about buying external sound generator, YAMAHA, Roland, and KORG.
People who work for magazines and books ...
Please use for URL. It is the same as