Ride Gullwing

One of the characteristics of AZ-1 is Gullwing. Let us tell you how to ride this car.

First, open the door.

Get into the car.

Hold the strap on the door.

Lower the door by holding the strap.

Actually, you can't drive this car only by doing above things. You have to slide the seat in the appropriate place. Yes, AZ-1 is the car you must adjust the place of seat to ride and get off.

Here are QuickTime movies. You can get them, if you click the thumb nail images.

QuickTime movieMovie, get into the car by man (about 800kB)

QuickTime movieMovie, get into the car by woman put on a skirt Check it(about 900kB)

QuickTime VR movieQuickTime VR movie. You can open and close the Gullwing door! (about 800kB)

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