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Replies to my gun control page

Here is a sampling of some of the more interesting e-mail I have received in regards to my gun control pages. The audience can judge each opinion on its merits.

Consider, as you read, if you would want the authors of these statements to own guns.

Let me tell you, if "assault" weapons weren't ban, I wouldn't own half my current collection. I'd never buy a AK-47...but I bought two because they're banned. However, I would buy M-16's (actually, AR-15's) because they are good weapons (so are AK's but they don't really do anything for me) a matter of fact, one of my AR-15's is as accurate as many "sporting" bolt action rifle. I could reliably and accurately hunt with my so called "assault" weapon and I could fend off a wild pack of dogs too...who the fuck are you to tell me that I can't own my AR-15?

when will you morons realize that the only bad things are people and not guns or knives etc.

You, Jason, are living in the same torpor as the Weimar Germans. No "black helicopters," Jason, just: Warrantless search and seizure - warrantless search of health, bank, and credit records - vanquished property rights - a terrorist tax bureaucracy - a nation that rejects God and prayer, but deifies "Mother Earth" as some primitive animist New Age - government fiscal policy that has so eroded incomes that mothers and fathers can no longer afford to stay home and raise and guide their own children, forced to abandon their children to the mind manglers of the state's propaganda/indoctrination appartus - "Child Protective Services" that view bible study or respect for the US Constitution as evidence of unfit parenting - ballot fraud, managed political speech, the naturalization of felons, and voter registration of illegal aliens increasing voter cynicism, decreasing voter turnout, and making elections increasingly irrelevant - Oklahoma City's Reichstag Fire - secret Presidential Directives that rule by decree - the subordination of American national sovereignty to an unelected United Nations composed mostly of socialist bureaucrats from undeveloped dunghills - the incremental disarmament of our people to advance the other abominations of Caesar's latest campaign because certainly he and his Praetorian Guard of elitist apparatchiks must be made safe from his disconsolate plebeian subjects -- the assertion of an unenumerated "right" to privacy that allows the brains to be sucked from a nearly born baby, but protects no privacy at all - wthese are not radical actions; these are the standard fare of rulers throughout history.

You are as callous as the Germans who slept peacefully while Jews, Catholicsm and dissenters were being gassed and incinerated. I am beginning to believe that rather than ignorant or sick, you are evil.

The 2nd amendment has been misprinted. In the original constitution there is only one comma in the amendment which comes after state. A series of commas tends to imply several statements. When in actuality the amendment makes only two. The first statement (that before the comma), states the common knowledge of the time that the militia (which means all males) must be armed and trained at all times. This did not imply a select militia or national guard which would reserve this right to only a few of the whole population. The second statement only bcks up the first. Stating that the right of the people to keep and bear arms will not be infringed. To infringe on someones rights is to take away any part of that right, therefore this right is ABSOLUTE since it is not to be infringed.

your assertion that Japan is relatively crime free ignores two important facts about said country. One is that this dearth of crime comes at a steep cost to individual liberty. As you may or may not already know, in Japan they can kick down your door without a warrant, haul you off to jail without trial, and question you without representation. A situation you may be willing to accept, but one that most in this country would not tolerate. The other is the inordinately high suicide rate in Japan, a rate much higher than our own, which is presumably a result of said lack of individual freedom. Of course, one could reasonably conclude from your paper that these suicides are OK, since they are apparently committed via means other than firearms.

why stress so hard for gun control on your home page Jason. without guns [the instrument that tamed america] you would still be someone's peon slave instead of some little spoiled faggot that lives in tokyo

I am impressed with your academic credentials. However, I do hope the material I have just perused on the net does not reflect your writing abilities as a holder of a Master's from Harvard. I would give such work a "B" for seniors and an "A" for other students :)!!

Just because the acceleration of authoritarianism is raging does not mean that I believe the fight for freedom has been lost. There are both good and bad in evidence and itis anyone's guess how the pieces will lay in another decade. The winner, of course, will write the history, so it remains to be seen whether you and the other supporters/apologists for the authoritarian, collectvist, welfare-state will be afforded the luxury of branding us "kooks" or whether libertarians will be afforded the luxury of branding you "monsters."

Appears to be written by someone who has never spent a day in real life. Number and statistics abound theoretical nonsense in most instances. Total lack of understanding of the reason for the creation of the Bill of Rights etc. No practical value and data appears to be from computer simulations rather than factual. I short one more ivory tower guru has solved all the worlds problems on paper but none with common sense.

Alright I'm tired of being civil and trying to explain why gun control will only increase the problem, because you people must be stupid, you never get it. So this is what i'm going to say. GO TO HELL, THATS RIGHT GO TO HELL AND BRING YOUR STUPID GUN CONTROL IDEAS WITH YOU.

When you say that you would like to take all the guns away from people I say your a fool, do you really think that if there was ever a law that made people give up their gun, that all the criminals would turn their guns in because they are afraid they may be arrested for having a gun. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what works and what doesn't, concealed carry works, gun control doesn't Stop reading anti-gunner BS and get the facts and leave us law abiding citizen that feel safe knowing we can protect our families from the scum of the earth alone.

Live in the U.S.A., bitch about the U.S.A. Live in Japan bitch about Japan. You have no right to complain about the U.S. if you don't live here. You sir are a traitor. No foriegn country will ever tell me what to do with my life. No foriegn country nor person will dictate to me how to interpet the constitution of this great country the United States of America. Love it or leave it, evidently you have chosen to leave it. You made your choice, so leave "MY" country alone. A case for gun control, how about an essay on a case for birth control, and you sir could represent in well articulated and explicite detail on why people like yourself would make a just cause for retroactive abortion.

hello again you jerk, yep its me agian. Oh I allready know I wont get a reply, "It's not even worth my time." Your still a jerk,and you was born in Colorado? To bad your mother didn't go skydiving the day of your hatching. Well then again maybe she did, whatever, it was a waste of afterbirth. I bet you are a "tall guy" over there in the land of the gun grabbing midgets. I just gotta go look at that picture of your vain self one more time. Yup esxsactely what I thought, your a bonifide bone head for sure. I would imagine that my spelling and grammer just about drives an intelectual like yourself to the ditthers. "Jack batty" to us working people. Whoops, Godzilla stepped on the power plant, and Japan dissapeared back into the stone age.

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