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Japanese Japanese
A Japanese version
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Masters thesis
On the Japanese
Self Defense Forces

Gun control
Gun violence in
America, and what
can be done

Picture gallery

East Asian politics,
travelogues, and



Jason's Picture Gallery

South Africa African scenery, Africa's most beautiful waterfalls, our safari, and Soweto Township.


Temples, statues, and other pretty stuff.


Temples, jungles, beautiful sunsets


Around Japan
Kyoto, Hiroshima, Sadogashima, Kudanshita


Sailaja and Jason
Pictures of us in Japan, and elsewhere


Shoes on the beach
My shoes, on beaches around the world.

_ Pictures from the top of Mount Fuji
In these shots, dawn breaks above the clouds.


Some of the many friends we have in Japan.


The 2nd Annual Daily Yomiuri Debate Tournament
My partner, Tsuyoshi Ono.
My oh-so-stylish suit.
My co-worker, Yuki Mutoh.
Tall cute guys. (Really just Tsuyoshi and me.)
Me, telling everyone why I am right.