East Japan day's trip ONSEN michelin (hot spring in japan)

I am a bear who likes ONSEN(a hot spring) very much. I will introduce the day trip hot springs which can go to by car from Tokyo.
* mark of Michelin is given to the hot spring according to my intuition. To Japanese Homepage

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Hot springs Michelin
The list of all the day trip hot springs. You can chose by the name of hot spring.

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Mujina-no-yu is an old hot spring in Tochigi-ken. Mujina-no-yu is mixed bathing. The water is white muddy and very hot. It is said that this hot spring is good for the neuralgia. This is a true traditional hot spring resort.

Sawada park open-air bath is probably the most famous open-air bath in Sizuoka-ken. The open-air bath is at the top of the cliff. Big waves wash the bottom of the cliff. The bathtub isn't so big. The water is hot and pleasant. The bathing with seeing a big wave is wonderful.

Shirohata-no-yu is one of the free public bath at Kusatsu hot spring. Kusatsu is one of the most famuos hot spring town in japan. Shirohata-no-yu is very old hot spring. The bathhouse is rebuilt in 1994.

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