The profile of "Kumao"

Real name : Tokuo Chiba (Aquarius of the stiffness)
My hobby has been a hot spring trip for cure since I was in a hospital by the injury.

I made "Day's trip ONSEN Michelin" for everyone's reference. I like hot springs,so I went to the various hot springs from the old days. From now, I introduce the hot spring which can go to by car.

The number of Michelin's star

The number of the star is given by our intuition. The good place of the equipment isn't necessarily satisfactory. There is satisfaction even in the rustic public bath. The number of the star is our synthetic impression.

***** It was very much satisfied. We want to show to our friend.
**** It was satisfied. We want to go again.
*** It was a little satisfied.
** It is average.
* It is not as much as our expectation.

The profile of "Kumako"

Real name : Hiroko Chiba (born in the age of the wild boar.)
I visit various hot springs with Kumao. A hot spring is the best place to heal the heart and the body which get tired.

Not only a hot spring but also the local speciality, the food that it is delicious, a beauty spot, a historic site is introduced here.

The hot springs of Canada which we went to long ago

We went to the Canadian Rocky sightseeing in autumn in 1995. We introduce the hot springs which it went to at that time.
Upper hot spring in Bunff
Miette hot spring which is close to Jasper

Our Homepage was introduced.

Some Japanese medium
introduced our Japanese homepage.

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